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Monday, May 16, 2022

Scratch Cupcake Donut Holes Courtesy of My Daughters

This past Saturday was the community garage sale in my area. There will be more garage sales throughout the summer, but this was the big one. I went out for a little bit, but I was feeling tired so only looked at a few sales. I did buy some brightly colored paper napkins to use for picnics and bbq's this summer, still in the sealed package, 50 cents/package. My daughters went to many, many sales. The came home with wrapping paper (25 cents/roll), clothing, a knick-knack or two, and a deep fryer, still in the factory-sealed box. They saw the fryer early in the day and told me about it. We used to have a fryer and I stopped using it because it was more fried food than we should eat, it wasted oil, and it was a mess every time I used it. I told my daughters they'd have to supply the oil if they bought this. (My experience has been that a lot of oil is wasted when deep frying.) They agreed and bought the fryer for $5.

Their first frying project was donuts. They knew they wanted cake donuts, but they didn't want the fried batter mess that can come with pouring batter into hot oil (a lot of burnt crumbly bits after frying). So they had this idea to fry some baked mini muffins. 

They then baked yellow cupcakes (scratch recipe, no papers, non-stick muffin pan sprayed with cooking spray) in the oven. After baking and cooling, they popped the cupcakes into the hot oil in the fryer for a couple of minutes each. Afterward, they glazed them with a homemade chocolate glaze and added sprinkles, chopped nuts, and coconut. They look like donut holes, don't they?

I wasn't expecting them to be that much like donuts, but they really, really were. I was impressed. They were crispy and cake-like. I tried my hardest not to eat too many of them. But like I said, these were good, and well you know how good intentions can sometimes end up.

I did ask one daughter, after the fact, if she would change anything. She said that now she wishes they'd tried frying a little of the unbaked batter (not baked cake) just to see how it would have turned out. She doesn't know if she'd prefer one over the other, but would like to see for herself the difference. Maybe we'll have another batch of donuts soon? I mean, for the sake of experimentation, of course.

Anyways, just some of the kitchen fun going on in our house this past weekend.


  1. Your daughters' experiments remind me of state fairs where they seem to deep fry everything much to the delight of the fair goers. I'm sure I would have loved everything they've made so far.

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      We were talking about all of the bizarre foods that they deep-fry at state fairs. Deep-fried butter came to mind. But the fried Twinkies and Snicker's bars were also thought of. I would try the Twinkies and candy bar, but I'm not so sure on the batter-dipped and fried butter.


    2. Fried butter doesn't sound appealing to me, either. I wonder what they coat it with? That could make a difference.

    3. Hi Live and Learn,
      At the Iowa state fair, several years ago, the butter was dipped in a cinnamon honey batter, then covered with a sugary glaze after it was fried. Interesting, but still not that appealing to me.


  2. All I can say is....Yum! Plus, enjoy😁

  3. They look delicious! I recently bought donut pans for baked donuts (sort of a birthday present to myself). I've only made one batch so far, but they were tasty. Not quite the same as being deep fried, though!

    1. Hi Kris,
      I've seen those donut pans. What a great gift for yourself. We saw a Twinkie baker (like a waffle iron) at Goodwill recently. I was tempted. The baked donuts would be a great way to have treats without all of the oil. I hope you enjoy your pan.

  4. This reminds me of fried Twinkies. I saw it advertised in Vegas but thought it sounded too weird. Next time we travel there, I'm going to try it. Your daughters did a wonderful job.

    1. I thought of the fried Twinkies, too. I've never tried one. I'd be open to splitting one with several family members, just so I could have a taste. If you ever get a chance to try one, let me know how it was.


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