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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Aw -- Children Grow Up So Quickly

It seems like just two weeks ago they were babies. Um, that's because they were.

My feathered babies have grown up and left the nest. But here's a photo of them just two days before leaving. The photo is dark, taken from indoors looking through the window at the basket. The birds are in silhouette, with the mother bird in the center and two of her four chicks reaching up for a tasty bite of a worm on either side.

I'm sad that they're now gone. They left a nest dug into the soil inside the basket. I'll have to remove the nest and clean up the soil before replanting that basket. 

What a joyful stretch of days we've had with our bird friends!


  1. Birds are so fun to watch. At first I thought you daughters were getting a place of their own. :)

    1. The birds gave us a lot of enjoyment over the course of a couple of weeks.

  2. That is just a precious story! Birds just relax a person. We can learn lots from them. Maybe they will nest there again next year. They tend to return to the same spot.

    1. Hi Linda,
      that will be interesting to see if they come back to that basket.

  3. Isn't it fun to have baby birds? We had our usual nest on my front porch wreath this spring, and the eggs hatched, but the birds disappeared after a few days. Wondering if a bird of prey got them.

    1. Oh, I hope not on the bird of prey, Kris. But if so, that's just nature, and hawks and owls need to eat, too. I just wish they wouldn't eat what we think is cute.

  4. We love birds too, having a cockatiel and a parakeet. They are free to roam our house, but being creatures of habit they don't venture far. The parakeet is more active and flies around the room. The cockatiel says her name, Birdie, and sings several songs. She loves music, especially pop like Michael Jackson and Dire Strait Sultan of Swing. She purrs and moves on her perch when the songs are played. Anytime we need a mental pick up, we play with them. Especially the parakeet, we play take turn ringing the bell.

    Have a nice evening,

    1. What a lot of fun and entertainment you get from your pet birds, Laura! That's funny about the pop music and Birdie.


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