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Monday, June 13, 2022

Rose-ade -- a beverage flavored with rose petals

the finished rose-ade, ready for consumption

I wanted to update you on the rose beverage I began last week. First of all, although the articles I read suggested it was a rose "lemonade," it tasted nothing like lemonade. However, it was quite nice, despite the misnaming.

Rosa rugosa 'Hansa'

To make it, after rinsing the rose petals (Rosa rugosa 'Hansa'), I infused an extra large handful of the petals only in a quart glass jar of water on the kitchen counter. I had read some people make this as a sun tea, but we're stuck in a cool and cloudy pattern right now with very little sun. 

beginning of infusion -- the water is still clear

So on the counter it went. I waited 2 days. 

after 2 days -- the water is peachy in color

The water part had become ever so slightly peach-colored. I strained the petals out and took a whiff of the liquid. It was lightly rose-like. 

I sweetened the liquid with honey until it tasted sweet enough then added 1 teaspoon of bottled lime juice. (I would have used lemon juice, but I was all out.)

Both my daughters and I enjoyed the rose-ade. We couldn't get my husband to even try it. Perhaps this isn't the beverage for men. But us ladies thought it was good. I would definitely make it again as a special beverage, but not every week. Rose petals contain a small amount of vitamin C, so this could actually be a beneficial-to-one's-health type of beverage.

The type of rose I used has only a slight fragrance. A heavily perfumed English rose may be overpowering in a beverage, in my opinion.

I'm something of an adventurer when it comes to scavenging food from the landscape. I enjoy trying new things, so this was right up my alley.

By the way, I've been collecting additional rose petals and dehydrating them. I'll use these in tea this coming winter.


  1. I am enjoying your experiments. What's up next?

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      I do love to experiment. It keeps my day interesting.
      I just wrote about the pot of soup that I made with the liquid from 2 cans of beets. does that count?

  2. Thanks for reporting back! We don't have any roses so that isn't an option for us, but I enjoy hearing about your adventures in gleaning food. :)

    1. Hi Kris,
      I'm glad you're enjoying reading about my gleaning and foraging. I'll keep writing.


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