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Thursday, July 21, 2022

Cheap & Cheerful Suppers for the Third Week of July

Another week of home-cooked meals. We're using a lot of garden produce at all meals right now. Berries with breakfast, salad greens and berries at lunch, different greens for cooking, salad ingredients, rhubarb, berries, various fresh herbs, kitchen-grown lentil sprouts, last year's green figs (canned), plus pickles and relish from homegrown ingredients.  All of this produce is really helping to stretch our grocery budget. Plus, I know how my food is grown, and that matters, too.

Here were our evening meals for the week:

pepperoni pizza, beet salad, sautéed Swiss chard, rhubarb-grape soda jello

hot dog cook-out, hot dogs in homemade buns, garden salad, fried kale, spiced fig applesauce

Sunday (I wasn't feeling great. My husband made pancakes for dinner.)

Monday (still not feeling great, but made a quick dinner anyway)
chicken in mushroom sauce over brown rice, steamed frozen peas

Tuesday (I made a late afternoon tea for dinner, motivated by finding the open jars of spreads in the garage fridge that had been a Christmas gift to us form our son and daughter-in-law.)

egg salad sandwiches, beet and carrot cream soup, fresh raspberries, homemade scones, a couple of spreads for the scones that were gifts at Christmas, rhubarb bar cookies, other cookies that were a gift at Christmas, almonds, chocolate candy that was a gift at Christmas, iced herb tea and hot black tea

ground beef, kale, canned tomatoes and garlic over rice, fresh strawberries and raspberries


smoked sausage sautéed with Swiss chard, garden salad, drop biscuits, rhubarb sauce

After reading the comments last week, I visited the YouTube video with a demonstration for making rice wrapper salad wraps. (Link here) I remembered that I had some sort of wrap in my pantry. It turned out to be a package of tapioca flour wraps. I decided to give making a salad wrap a shot for my lunch on Saturday. This was easy and tasty. I made a peanut sauce for dipping, too. I tried to tighten it up after sealing it and it tore a hole. Otherwise it turned out okay. I used Swiss chard leaves to reinforce the tapioca flour wrapper, then filled with more garden greens, sprouted lentils, and nasturtium blossoms -- the foods I had readily available.

Anything especially summery on your menu this week?


  1. Not much different from any other meals. We had beef roast in the crockpot with mashed potatoes and cooked carrots. Mashed potatoes with cabbage mixed in. Meatballs, Chicken with olives and fettuccini noodles. Leftovers from leftovers. 3 potatoes left in the bag of the most awful potatoes of the year that I shredded and made into hash browns. I bought this bag at Aldi and every potato had big rot spots in them. We had tortilla wraps with deli meat, cheese, lettuce (my family made these for their lunches and I haven't had one yet). I served a partial bag of meatballs, a partial bag of mixed veggies and a few other partial bags of this and that.


    1. Sorry about your potatoes. Have you noticed a difference with Aldi's peanut butter or their medium salsa? I have, and I don't like either product as well as I used to. The PB is way more oily and the salsa just doesn't taste as good to me as it used to. Very disappointing. If you want a tasty and fun summer treat from there, we have been loving their Minis, which are miniature ice cream cookie sandwiches that look and taste like ice cream Oreos. They have mint (my fave) and vanilla versions of it--the mint ones are more expensive but boy, are they tasty. Only 60 calories for one, so it seems like a doable indulgence. :)

    2. I actually looked at those today while shopping but chose the ice cream sandwiches with chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream instead.

    3. I don't think you could go wrong with those! Yum!

    4. Hi Alice,
      That's a shame about your bag of potatoes. At least you could make use of what was salvageable. Good Job! Wrap sandwiches sounds like a very summery meal. I'm doing a tuna salad this evening for our dinner, so I don't have to cook more than heat some veggies.
      Enjoy the rest of your day and evening, Alice.

  2. We're trying to eat down our fridge food in preparation for our vacation. I think tonight I'll make ham tetrazzini, last night was Mexican skillet supper, we had sweet and sour turkey kielbasa over rice one night, leftover BBQ chicken from a luncheon with my sister & BIL for Tuesday, and Huevos Rancheros on Monday. It's blueberry season in West Michigan so lots of those, plus some cherries that we have left. Our lettuce is starting to bolt, as are our snap peas, and the other garden produce is a little behind schedule.

    1. Hi Kris,
      Our blueberries are just now beginning to ripen. We don't have a whole lot, but enough for a few meals. I'm envious that you can get so Manny blueberries in your area. Good plan to eat down the perishable stuff. When we've done road trips, I either freeze the last bits of stuff that could spoil or pack them with us. I hope you're enjoying a wonderful vacation right about now!


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