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Monday, August 29, 2022

Curried Peanut and Bean Spread

I made this economical bean and peanut spread over the weekend that was well-received in my household. I was looking for something savory and lower in fat than peanut butter, but not terribly bean-y. However, I was open to using some beans as they'd provide protein and reduced fat. I then thought about the tasty combo of curry seasonings and peanuts.

So I decided to try a pinto bean, peanut butter, dried fruit, veg, and curry powder/spice mixture.

I pureed the pinto beans and peanut butter together (about a 3:1 ratio), then added curry powder, ground cloves, and ground ginger plus a bit of salt. I chopped celery and onion and sautéed in a little oil. I also chopped some raisins up (so the bits would be smaller). I stirred the veg and fruit into the seasoned spread and adjusted the taste.

We've mostly had this on bread as open-faced sandwiches and on apple wedges. I'm pleased with the end result -- a savory, reduced fat/high protein spread that goes well with bread, apples, celery sticks, and crackers.

In coming weeks, I'll be experimenting with other flavor combos to mix with pureed beans and peanut butter.


  1. I wouldn't have thought to mix all of those flavors together, but it looks like it was an interesting and successful experiment.

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      Mostly, I used seasonings and ingredients that I typically add to curry dishes. When I'm experimenting like this, I try to incorporate ingredients and flavors that we like together in other dishes. I'm glad I have a family who will try my experiments.

  2. Oh, interesting. I am using peanut butter more in general cooking in recent years but I hadn't thought to make a bean an PB paste. You may be on to something!

    1. Hi Kris,
      I've been using more peanut butter in dishes, too. It's a great way to boost protein content without a lot of expense.

  3. I like peanut butter but sometimes when I eat it, I feel like a little tummy ache or something doesn't feel quite right. I can eat PB in cookies or anything else cooked but just from the jar in the "raw" just doesn't feel good. I feel like this could be a good "hummus" type dip and my daughter would like this. I'll tell her about it.


    1. Hi Alice,
      your mention of hummus reminding me of a hummus my husband made a while ago. He substituted peanut butter for tahini (ground sesame seeds). It had a different flavor from traditional; hummus, but was equally delicious.
      I'm sorry you get a tummy ache from peanut butter. I can relate. I can't eat peanut butter cookies because (I think) the fat content of peanut butter plus butter in the dough.

  4. I enjoy trying new flavors - that one sounds really interesting. I love the dimension and creaminess that peanut butter adds to dishes. You are so good at combining herbs and ingredients without recipes. If I do that - I forget the next time what and how much. You must have a better memory than I do!

    1. Hi Ruthie,
      I think I have a sense of what seasonings and flavors I like together. That's a good starting point. I honestly wasn't sure if we'd like this curried spread as much as we did. All while making it, I was planning how to amend the flavors if it didn't turn out well. The only thing I added at the end was the extra spices (cloves, ginger).

      On the sprouts, it's mayo topped with rosemary-rhubarb preserves. When I make a salad for myself, I top the veggies with dollops of ingredients, then mix it together with my fork as I eat.

  5. BTW - what is on top of your sprouts?


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