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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Finding Beauty in the Simple Things

There is this cluster of ripening tomatoes that struck me as beautiful. I was working in the garden on Wednesday and I looked up and saw a trio of tomatoes hanging together, one yellow, one orange, and one green. I just thought this was so beautiful. I do love a nice rose or lily. But who would think that tomatoes could be beautiful in a way that is unrelated to their edible aspect?

When I take a moment and slow down to look around or listen, I often find something extraordinary in the ordinary. Sometimes it's the call of a bird flying high over head. Sometimes it's the fragrance of the lilies in bloom by the small pond. And sometimes it's a pair of tiny green frogs enjoying the sun together on a sorrel leaf in my herb circle.

It's easy to get caught up in the flash and bling that proliferates in our culture. But is there really any superior beauty than that which can be found in a garden, woodland, seaside, mountain top or our own backyard?


  1. Lili, I so agree! We live in a very rural area ànd have nature all around us. Yet, I often just take it for granted. I try to slow down and enjoy but every so often I have to remind myself. The smell of honeysuckle, the gorgeous hills and river ground that looks change each season, the garden's bounty, the beautiful cardinals, the fog as it rolls in and out, the roses blooming, the fluffy and billowy close, the rainbow after a big rain....I could go on and on...if I just take time to notice and appreciate!

    1. Hi Linda,
      It sounds lovely where you are!

  2. I agree completely! It's sad that working FT takes away from so much beauty during the day being inside most of the day. I'm thankful I work from home so that coffee breaks can be right outside my back door to see the beauty of the outside. Several things I like to see: one, a single hyacinth that the previous owner dumped out back. It comes up each year and I love it each spring! Two, my hydrangeas exploded with beauty this year and so many different colors on a single plant just floored me. They bloomed all summer and are just now starting to lose the color. Three, during a big rain storm two days ago, I looked out back and saw something red in a spot where I had tomatoes growing. Something ate all the tops of the plants early this spring and they have struggled to survive. One spot is thriving and there I saw several red tomatoes and huge ones at that. The other spot has a lot of green tomatoes but I doubt they will turn red. I delighted in my potted tomato plants this year at how many I actually got. It's the simple things, right?


    1. Hi Alice,
      Your hydrangeas sound gorgeous! I hope you get lots of red tomatoes, even if you have to pick them green and let them ripen indoors.

  3. I agree those tomatoes are pretty. Besides the colors, they look perfectly formed. For years, I did a feature on my blog called a Second Look where I purposely looked around me outdoors with a new set of eyes. This helped me get beyond just seeing what work needed to be done. I loved doing that and learned a lot along the way as I found new things I hadn't seen before. I still try to look around in my present yard, but in a more informal way.

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      If I set out to find something interesting or beautiful, I often find it. It just takes a shift in my mind-set, as you've already discovered.

  4. Amen! Something I have noticed, when people come to visit in the summer at our house, is that invariably then end up by my husband's garden. I think there is an innate joy in watching things grow. His garden isn't neat and tidy and what I would think of as "pretty", either. It's more of a hodgepodge as the plants start to intermingle.

    I don't think my country upbringing will ever leave me. I'm happiest when I'm outside. My daughter has a long weekend from school, so she and I went hiking at our nearby state park, and while Lake Michigan was stunningly beautiful, we were just as happy to see the red/orange mushroom in the woods--which is in keeping with your theme of simple things bringing joy.

    1. Hi Kris,
      What a wonderful time to go for a hike with your daughter. I imagine there was a lot of late summer scenery to take in.
      I find vegetable gardens really appealing to look at, even gardens that are more jumbled.


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