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Monday, September 26, 2022

"Those look like REAL sunflower seeds!"

seeds from one head

This is exciting! (Have I mentioned before that the bar is set pretty low with regards to my idea of what constitutes excitement?) I have never been able to grow sunflowers to the point of harvesting edible seeds. I unseeded one of the 8 heads earlier today and came away with about a small bowlful of seeds in shells, about 1 cup.

Seven more heads to deseed. That's the upside. The downside is the head I deseeded today was the largest of the 8. So, I won't be harvesting a huge amount of seeds. but I have learned a lot about their growth and how to do better for next year. And I saved some of the seeds from this head for planting next year.

the same sunflower in mid-July

When my husband came into the room, he said "those look just like real sunflower seeds!" Well of course they do, as they are real sunflower seeds!

Although the quantity of food is not as great as other edible plants that I grow, I have to say sunflowers were the prettiest edible addition to my landscape.


  1. Good job! They're so fun to grow! I often tuck them around the perimeter of our yard amidst other shorter plants. We've occasionally eaten them (well, husband and kids, who like them), but mostly grow ours for the birds and squirrels. This year, one large head ended up bent over next to the fence, and I have enjoyed watching a squirrel who likes to walk along the fence (to our compost bays) stop and have a snack.

    1. Hi Cat,
      I'm sure your birds and squirrels appreciate the seeds. Watching wildlife enjoy something like the sunflower seeds is pretty inexpensive entertainment, in my mind.

  2. While I have been able to harvest a few sunflower seeds for us to eat, the birds usually eat them before they mature. We buy seed for the birds, so it's a win for us. But even if no one got to eat the seeds, the beauty of the flowers is enough to grow them.

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      I wondered, myself, if the bird would find the seeds before I cut the heads, as that's what I've read happens in a lot of cases. We lucked out. They are pretty, aren't they?

  3. Love your husband's comment. That's funny. Reminds me of when my daughter was a student leader in elementary. She was helping a younger child in the cafeteria. The little girl said to her, "Do you know that chicken nuggets are made from real chickens?". She said she tried to keep a straight face so as to avoid hurting the girl's feelings, but she was laughing inside.

    My husband grows sunflowers for the prettiness of them. We also feed the birds, so it's a good way to attract them to the yard. Enjoy your bounty. They will be great for snacks.

    1. Hi Kris,
      That's an adorable story that your daughter related. Little kids say some of the cutest things. My favorite is when a 5 or 6 year old says, "when I was a little kid . . ." when they look so young at 5 or 6.

  4. Nice job! I successfully grew them one year is all. It gets pretty cold here and frost usually zaps them when they are young. I got a small bounty of seeds that I gave to the chickens. I don’t know if chickens are supposed to eat them, but they did lol.


    1. Hi Diane,
      Some foods are a challenge for us to grow, here, as well. But I can imagine sunflowers being especially difficult, as they need such a long, frost-free growing season. I'm glad they grew for you in time one year.

  5. I agree with Kris, your husband has the funniest comments. My husband says the oddest simplest facts, too. Maybe it's a male thing.

    Now this makes me want to grow sunflower. I think it's the prettiest plant, so sunny and cheerful to look at.

    Have a great day,

    1. Hi Laura,
      Maybe it is a male thing. Or they see the world differently than we do, and vice versa. I'm sure my husband thinks some of my comments are nutty.
      Sunflowers, Black-eyed Susans, and daisies are my three favorite flowers, all three because they have such cheery blooms and define summer in my mind.

      Have a wonderful rest of your evening, Laura.


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