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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Getting Close to Putting the Garden to Bed


All leaves and practically no roots. These are the last of the beets for the year. I pulled them up yesterday afternoon. I cut off the small roots and allowed them to dry on paper overnight. I sorted through the greens and stems, then washed what looked good. I've got the greens in the fridge wrapped in paper towels and plastic bags overnight. I'll chop them for the freezer tomorrow. We still have various other greens left in the garden. I'm trying to make sure we use some greens everyday. By early to mid-December, the greens will die back from repeated freezes.

It looks like there are two to three meals worth of beet greens and stems. Any suggestions for how to use them? I've thought of added to soups and stews. But I was wondering if any of you have favorite ways to use greens such as beet leaves.

This has clearly been the largest garden and harvest we've ever had. I'm tired, but pleased with how much we've harvested.


  1. I like the flavor of beet greens enough that I like them steamed/boiled with a little salt. I used old seeds for the beets this year and only a few came up. It is definitely time to put the garden to bed after a couple of hard freezes we've had, so I should pull the beets today.

    1. That happens to me, too, with older seeds from time to time. Last year, it was my carrot seeds that were older. I wound up reseeding a month later. I hope you had a chance to pull up your beets today. I chopped the greens and froze them all. I'll remember your way to prepare the greens for later this winter.

  2. We've been getting snow, so we only have carrots and beets left .... and some lettuce in the cold frame, but I suspect that today is the last day of its survival, as we will be having a cold snap.

    I like beet greens as a salad. L&L's suggestion of steaming them would also appeal to me.

    1. Hi Kris,
      Oh yes, I like the thickness of beet greens in salads, too.
      Snow already? Wow, winter is sliding in, isn't it? Time for big sweaters and cozy evenings.

  3. For the beet greens- saute sliced onions until golden brown, then add the chopped-up greens. Sprinkle salt and garlic powder. Cover and cook on low medium until it's done. The same recipe can be used for all greens :).

    1. Hi Farhana,
      Yum, that sounds delicious and easy. I froze the beet greens today, but I'll try this on some kale I picked this afternoon. Thank you!

  4. The first idea is to chop finely and put them in a quiche or casserole.

    1. Hi JJ,
      Great suggestion. I make quiche with greens but I forgot about adding to casseroles or skillet dinners. Thank you!


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