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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

How to Do a Chocolate Pudding Makeover for a Pan of Failed Brownies

First, bake a bad batch of brownies. Or, more likely, take a failed batch of brownies (or cookies or cake). Crumble as best you can into a pyrex baker.

Next, make a batch of scratch chocolate pudding.

After cooking the pudding, thin it with 1/4 cup of water (so it will soak into the hard brownie bits or cookie or cake crumbles.)

While hot, pour the pudding over the pan of brownie crumbles. Allow to cool on the counter.

Once cooled, chill in the fridge for several hours up to overnight. After a good chill, cut into squares or scoop into dishes (cutting vs. scooping depends on how thin the pudding was).

Back story to the bad batch of brownies. My two daughters wanted brownies in a hurry over the weekend. They followed the recipe in my 35 year old microwave cookbook. The microwave we had 35 years ago had a much lower wattage than our current one. But my daughters didn't know that little tidbit off info. They microwaved the brownie batter for the amount of time called for for the lower wattage microwave, which was probably 2 minutes too long. 2 minutes in the microwave is a big over-cooking.

The verdict on the chocolate pudding brownie dessert? Two thumbs up all around!


  1. Wow, those chocolate pudding brownies look delicious!

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      My family tells me they're yummy! (Dairy, so I can't taste.)

  2. Almost wants me to make a pan of brownies because I know my husband would love this but he would like whipped cream on his!

    1. Hi Alice,
      Whipping cream came up in discussion about what do we do if we can't get the family to eat these. So we all agreed perhaps some whipping cream and hot fudge sauce might sell it, if need be. But so far, they seem to be quite popular as they are.

  3. I would have thought to try a trifle with the brownies using pudding, but that wouldn't have provided enough moisture for dried out brownies. Brilliant! The dessert looks delicious!

    1. Hi Lynn,
      I think a trifle would work if you soaked the brownie chunks in a sweetened espresso before layering with whipped cream and custard.
      My mom used to make trifle for special gatherings, so your mention of them brings a smile to my face. :-)

  4. Mmm, chocolate brownie pudding. I probably would have sprinkled the brownies over ice cream. So many tasty options!

    1. Hi Kris,
      Crumbling and topping ice cream also sounds delicious, reminds me a little of dirt cups -- chocolate pudding topped with chocolate cookie crumbs, with a colorful gummy worm thrown in for special effect. I agree, so many tasty ways to use something like overbooked brownies crumbles.

    2. overbaked, not overbooked. (shaking head over spellcheck)

  5. Great idea!! So rewarding to rescue a flop. I live for these moments!! You are so right that the first generation microwaves were not high powered. I use 80% power on my microwave so it won't overload the circuit. It had in the past when other small appliances were used in the same circuit at the same time. Maybe we should replace our microwave.

    Have a nice day,

    1. Hi Laura,
      I agree. It is so satisfying to rescue something that flopped.
      Oh, that's a good solution for your microwave, using 80% power. We have a handheld mixer that overloads the circuit when anything else is plugged in and the mixer is used on high speed. It's a nuisance. For the time being, I use the mixer only on lower speeds. Maybe some day we'll get a new mixer that doesn't do this.
      Wishing you a lovely rest of your day!


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