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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Do You Have Easter Meal Plans Yet?

one of my pots of primroses, using scavenged primroses from the yard

For those celebrating Easter, have you come up with a menu plan for Easter meals yet? Do you have special foods that you make each year? If serving meat, will it be ham, turkey, chicken, or what? What's you favorite Easter breakfast? How about favorite Easter desserts? What sides do you enjoy with springtime meals?

I ask all of these questions because I'm just now working on Easter plans. My son and daughter-in-law will join us in the afternoon. I picked up a frozen turkey last week at WinCo for 88 cents/lb. Foods I have on hand which I can use for sides and desserts: potatoes, garden leafy greens (kale and Brussel sprout leaves), pumpkin puree, fresh carrots, ingredients for green bean casserole, onions, assorted frozen veggies, and baking ingredients. Last year I made carrot cupcakes that were popular. I may bake another carrot cake this year. My son and daughter-in-law offered to bring sparkling water and other soft beverages. I'm considering adding ham to the meal. Fred Meyer (Kroger) has half hams, unsliced, on sale this week for 89 cents/lb. 

I haven't thought about what I'll prepare for Easter breakfast or brunch yet. It may be a simple continental breakfast of rolls, juice, coffee, and milk.

So, what's on your Easter menu plan?


  1. Also planning on turkey here, probably with our usual sides. We picked up two extra turkeys back around Thanksgiving and I'd like to get one out of the freezer ahead of our yearly side of beef arriving soon. I need to think of a dessert. In the past, a lemon cheesecake topped with lemon curd has been a popular choice, but I also love a good carrot cake. Mmm!


    1. Hi Cat,
      Good planning with using one of the extra turkeys now so you will have room for the side of beef. Good luck with coming up with the rest of your Easter menu!

  2. I haven't even given thought to an Easter meal yet but I know it will come out of the freezer. I have a ham in there from the holidays, several whole chickens, and mashed potatoes if I won't have potatoes on hand. Veggies will be anything I can find in the freezer but I don't know what I have left at this point. Maybe I could make some dinner rolls and dessert might be a cheesecake since I have several blocks of cream cheese in the freezer. Looks like I just made my Easter dinner!

    1. Hi Alice,
      Your Easter dinner is sounding delicious to me!

  3. I am fortunate that my husband manages Easter dinner. We will have ham .... beyond that, I'm not sure what we will eat. We always end up eating hardboiled Easter eggs for breakfast on Easter morning.

    1. Hi Kris,
      I love the idea of eating the boiled egg Easter eggs. I'm not sure I'll get around to decorating eggs this year. But if I do, they'll be part of our Easter breakfast!

  4. My Dh and 2 of the kids will be out of state for Easter. My son and dil invited us to go to brunch. It will also be my oldest dd and her foster child, so 5. Not sure where we are going yet. We will figure that out today.


    1. Hi Diane,
      How lovely of your son and DIL to invite you and your DD plus her child to go to brunch. That sounds like such a wonderful way to spend the holiday together -- no one has to cook and you get to enjoy each other's company.

  5. My husband and I will probably have lunch out on Easter Sunday. We are still being cautious about the virus, so our contacts with others are brief. We dropped off Easter goodies and had lunch with our son's family on their open porch. We asked our grandchildren what they wanted for lunch and they said Costco pizza and chicken bake, also bought an avocado salad mix at Costco. Since it was a cheap takeout, we also gave Subway gift cards (which I redeemed from earning Citi TY points). We try to drop in at least once a month with lunch to give our DIL a break since it is not easy cooking for three growing teenage boys. The boys eat at Subway with friends, so the gift cards will come in handy. The highlight was watching our granddaughter open her Easter basket, and the pictures and videos that followed of her playing with the toys. The boys got cash, no basket.

    Happy Easter,

    1. Hi Laura,
      It sounds like you all had a fun early Easter with your kids and grandkids. I think that's super thoughtful of you to give your DIL a little break every month by bringing lunch to them. Enjoy your Easter lunch out with your husband!


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