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Monday, May 1, 2023

Saturday's Free, DIY, Rustic Garden Bench

our new, completely free, rustic garden bench

I've mentioned that my project this spring and summer is improving the beauty and usability of our yard. Over the weekend, the four of us put together this rustic garden bench in a woodsy area of our yard. 

the neighbor's rustic bench

I was inspired by a neighbor who had made a similar bench in their side yard. They used 2 logs, standing on end, to support a plank of wood which is anchored at each end by heavy flower pots. I thought, "okay, this is doable."

Once home, I wandered our property and found a stack of logs (from the tree that fell on our roof in 2021), a pressured-treated board from our old deck, and 2 flower pots plus extra primroses to fill out each pot -- everything we'd need.

Saturday afternoon, when I finished up with pressure washing the patio, I called for my team to help me with the bench. We moved some stepping stones over about a foot to make room for the bench. The stepping stones will also serve as a footpath through the Lily of the Valley to get to the bench for thoughtful moments sitting. After this little chore, we rescued the board from a pile of wood scraps. My husband joined us womenfolk to help pull out some nasty-looking nails from the board. While I leveled the dirt, my daughters fetched the 2 logs. After getting the logs in place and adding the board, I prettied up the pots with more flowering plants and set one on each end of the board. 

The new bench is just off the gravel walkway, a few feet from one of the cherry trees.

For something so simple, we sure are enjoying our handiwork (and I'm thankful to our neighbor for providing inspiration). The pots and bench are visible from the deck and beckon me to come and sit for a while, which I did just after taking care of garden chores this afternoon.


  1. What a lovely spot. My FIL has several similar-type benches around his yard. They have been there for a long time, but as he is aging and needs to rest more often with physical exertion, they are coming in quite handy.

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      I'm glad your FIL has these benches for taking brief breaks as he works in the yard. We'll all get there someday.

  2. That looks like a great space to enjoy a morning cup of tea or coffee. Enjoy!

  3. I so admire your sanctuary, called your home and garden!! You and your team did a fantastic job. The bench blends so well with the surroundings.

    Have a great day!!

    1. Hi Laura,
      Thank you. We put the bench in a private and peaceful corner of the yard. It's a nice spot to unplug, literally.
      Have a wonderful evening, Laura!


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