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Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Can You Believe Some of the Items I Find on Free Piles? Here's the Latest!

Out walking in the lovely neighborhood next to ours, we spied this Ninja coffee maker with a "free - almost new" tag on it. It even had the owner's manual with it.

Not only does it make coffee by the carafe, but there's also a pull down stand for placing a mug to do one cup at a time. I found this late last week at just the right time. I had decided to try brewed coffee in place of my instant for a while. And just great luck that I would find a coffee maker for free that could make a cup of coffee on demand.

Taking walks in neighborhoods where folks get rid of nice items (either through free piles or garage sales) pays off. That's my kind of exercise.

Seen any good garage/yard sales or free piles yet this season?


  1. Best free pile items- a large healthy hydrangea, the Revere ware saucepan my set was missing + lid, two cute wire spice racks that fit perfectly in my kitchen, a cabinet for my microwave and cookbooks.-Kathryn

    1. Hi Kathryn,
      I love your list of favorite free pile items. The saucepan to complement your set is fabulous! And who doesn't love a healthy plant for the garden?! I hope it's given you many beautiful blooms.

  2. Wow what a find. I’ve never found anything, but my dd that does foster care got a bunch of free baby stuff last summer. The girls have both set stuff out to get rid of and it always goes quickly. They’ve also used fb marketplace to give stuff away. Dd gave away a bed last year and Ds gave away a pretty nice French door refrigerator. I told him to sell it, but he just wanted it gone. It was gone in less than 30 minutes. When dd gave away her bed the people were almost crying they were so happy. They had just moved and their son had his own bedroom for the first time. He was 3 and still in a crib in their bedroom. This was a full size bed, mattress, box spring and frame, almost brand new.They brought her a jar of home canned jam to thank her. It was obvious they didn’t have a lot of money, so she was very glad the bed went to them.


    1. Hi Diane,
      That's such a heartwarming story about your daughter's bed given to the family with a young son for his first big boy bed. We've used Craigslist to give away big items, and I'm always surprised how quickly they go.

  3. That was a great find. And something you needed. The key, for me anyway, is not to bring something home that I don't really need just because it's nice. However, I've never seen anything as nice as what you just found.

    1. Ji Live and Learn,
      I had to smile at your comment about not bringing home something you don't really need. That is me. If I see something good that I don't need, I have to exercise a lot of self control to not take it. I have to remind myself that someone who actually does need the item might be along soon and will be not only happy to have it, but will put it to good use more than I could.
      The coffee maker is indeed a nice one. Ninja (the manufacturer) thought of just about every bell and whistle. It does make me wonder what this household upgraded to that is "better" than what they gave away.

  4. What an awesome find!

    Haven't found anything good for a long time, but many years ago now, we scavenged a set of wooden TV tables, the kind that fold up. We're still using them. Also, a nightstand from the former neighbors across the street, which we painted to match other furniture and are still using as a side table in the living room.

    1. Hi Cat,
      Those sound like very nice and useful finds. We picked up a single TV table on a free pile a few years ago and it's so handy. Because it folds flat, it stores in a narrow spot, but can come out when I need a portable little table.


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