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Tuesday, July 18, 2023

My week, so far

It's been a very busy week, but busy in a good way. Everything is growing so well. This year's petunia pots are my best, fullest, showiest ever. 

I didn't space my petunia plants as seed specs suggested, but instead crammed in about 10-12 plants per pot. These were seeds I collected from my purchased 2020 petunia plants which were red, white, and blue (purple, really). I saved seeds from those petunias and have been starting my own plants each year since. I have yet to have a red petunia again, though. But I do think that pink, white and purple petunias are pretty, too.

I am in the midst of the raspberry harvest season. I've made two batches of raspberry jam for a total of 8 jars. Raspberry jam is my favorite of all that I can make with what grows on my property. I hope to make another 4 jars later this week.

We're also eating a lot of fresh raspberries with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is Monday's dinner, French toast smothered in fresh raspberries and blueberries, topped with blackberry syrup from last years' blackberries. A delicious way to get my antioxidants.

The rose hips are getting huge! Rose hip syrup is an old-time way to get vitamin C. Rose hips also make a nice tea. And some folks make jam with the hips. I'll likely make a small batch of syrup.

Despite all of the busyness, I have taken a few moments to sit in the leafy shade of a few favorite trees.

What's been going on in your week?


  1. Summer is a busy time with harvesting and processing, but so that work is so appreciated the rest of the year. Are you sitting on your new bench under the trees?

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      You're absolutely right. We'll appreciate the harvest later on, even if it's hard work now.
      No, no new bench. I'm finishing up two chairs to go with the bistro table and hope to get them set up this weekend.
      Have a good rest of your day!

  2. Your pictures look like all the things I love about summer--shady outdoor spaces, pretty flowers, and fresh-grown fruit. Take a few moments in between your gardening to enjoy your peaceful surroundings!

    I just got done doing the training for VBS--I'm helping with registration and check-in, which is all automated (a new system to learn), so between that and working and all the little things popping up that need my attention, it's a busy week. We're having gorgeous weather today so I think I'll head out with my daughter to enjoy the outdoors soon. With our mutual work schedules, we don't have the free time that we've had in the past.

    1. Hi Kris,
      I hope you and your daughter enjoyed the beautiful weather for some outdoor time together. It does get harder and harder to work in time together as the kids grow older.

      Thank you for the reminder. I do need to spend more moments just enjoying the beauty.

  3. I try to enjoy the summer but I work all day and just can't get out as often as I want. So sad that some little critter consistently destroy all the pretty things around my home. Last year it lopped off all the tomatoes, this year overnight it destroyed my one and only geranium plant. It gnaws everything down. Strawberry plants in my vertical planter got gnawed down, and even some sedum got lopped off. I can't have pretty things.

    1. Hi Alice,
      I'm so sorry that your plants are getting eaten up. How frustrating! I wish I had a solution for you. I'm sure you've tried many ways to prevent the critter from eating all of your plants.


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