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Tuesday, August 8, 2023

What does a Danvers Half Long carrot grown in a pot look like?

Yesterday I pulled the first two Danvers Half Long carrots grown in pots in my garden. The larger of the two was about 6 inches of usable root and about 2 inches in diameter across the top. The seed specs said roots typically grow to  6 to 8 inches long. I'll be leaving the rest of the carrots in the pot for another couple of weeks, and I'll see how much longer the largest of those look at that time.

Danvers Half Long carrots are among a few carrot varieties that can be grown in shallower soil, such as in pots. As the name implies, these carrots do not mature at lengths comparable to grocery store carrots, but remain shorter, yet are still wide at the top.

I used these as carrot sticks in our lunch today and they were delicious. They had just enough carrot flavor with a little bit of sweetness and juicy as far as carrots go. The packet said the carrots would mature in 75 days. In my lower-sun garden (too many trees), these took closer to 100 days. 

The pots are now looking jammed with growing carrots. I'm looking forward to many more snacks and meals using our homegrown carrots.


  1. I grew Danvers last year, and they were very tasty. This year I used old seed of another variety. Carrots do seem to take a long time. We haven't harvested any yet, but it's time to check them again.

    1. I hope your carrots this year are just as tasty as last year's, Live and Learn! And yes, they do take a long time. But the wait is worth it, in my opinion. Homegrown carrots are so much better than commerical ones

  2. I love home-grown carrots and didn't know you could grow a variety that would work in a pot. Thanks!

    1. Hi Kris,
      My pots aren't even that deep. My deepest pot is about 15 inches deep. For my area, the Danvers Half Long carrots do really well in pots. My dream is to upgrade these pots to a long, narrow galvanized trough for carrots. Maybe next year that'll happen.


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