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Tuesday, October 24, 2023

This Week

I have testing fatigue

You may already recognize this from your's or a family member's health tests. It's the heart monitor I wore for the last week. It was adhered to my chest and had to stay on 24/7. It also could not get wet, so no showers, and I had to be especially careful when bathing not to splash it. I took very shallow and brief baths. It goes without saying, that some parts of me didn't get terribly clean for the week, as this little device had to stay dry and couldn't be moved. I got to take it off late yesterday. So today I got the first proper bath in a week. Although I'm growing weary of all of these tests, I do know that I'm getting closer to answers and a diagnosis.

I washed all of the dirty bags today 

The jar where we put dirty bags was full, and the box where we keep the dried clean bags was empty. A good time to wash them all. And now they're hanging to dry on the clothes drying rack.

Free pile in front of a store

I forgot to show these to you last month. These stones were on a free table in front of a plant store that was moving to another town. I also picked up some free plant food, and my daughter got 2 free, hand-thrown mugs. I love these carved stones. Right now they're on my desk holding down to-do papers. I see them every day.

Turning cold here

The weather turned especially cold this afternoon. I went walking in the morning and wasn't particularly cold. But by the time I retrieved our mail, it was so cold outside. I guess we're now into the cold weather season for my area and won't see really warm days for months.

How crazy is this? Roses are blooming while the birch tree has lost nearly all of its leaves. Its yellow leaves carpet the ground and walkway up to the front door. Looks like someone will need to get out the leaf blower this week. With this cold weather, I don't  imagine the roses will hang around too much longer.

Yay! Both daughters are home again

One daughter was dog-sitting for 9 days and came home today. Yay! We did get to see her during that period. We did Zoom dinners several nights, she also came by to pick up needed things a couple of times, and she came over for dinner and movie night last Friday. One of the days, I drove her back and got to pet the dog -- sweet doggie. Animals may be in our future at our own house, I predict.

Easy Day

Today was my easy day, so I made an easy scratch dinner (yes, there are such things). I made tomato soup from tomato paste, herbs, onion, garlic, and a bit of kale, plus water and salt and served it with herb and Parmesan focaccia. It was delicious, and I was able to make it all in advance so I could take it easy in the late afternoon. When you're going through a difficult period, I think you need to create an easy day in your schedule. Having a lighter day refreshes us, so we have the strength and stamina for the tough days to come.

Tomorrow, we're going shopping for pumpkins and trick-or-treat goodies. Looking forward to that!

What's been happening in your week?


  1. That bath probably felt really good. It sounds like you have thorough doctors who are exploring all the possibilities of what might be your problems. It's good to rule things out on the way to finding the answer. I will pray for strength for you as you figure this out.

    Love you stones!

    1. I love those stones, too, Live and Learn.
      Thank you for prayers. I really appreciate it.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much for your prayers, friend.

  3. Je pense à vous depuis la France. Vous serez dans mes prières.

  4. Please share the focaccia recipe!

    1. Yes, please share the recipe ! You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers!!

    2. Thank you for your prayers, Linda. And yes, I'll post the focaccia recipe in the next couple of days.


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