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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Travel back in time with this vintage grocery shopping film

Hi friends,

While I was recovering last week, I watched some fun, vintage instructional videos on the roku. I wanted to share them with you, as I suspect many of you enjoy these as well. Here's the first one. Click on the title below or the photo above:

Home Management: Buying Food, 1950

While some of the advice really doesn't apply to us these days, others hit on some thoughts we've exchanged here, especially the truth that buying more than your household can use may cost more through waste than buying smaller quantities, even if the unit cost is much lower in the large size. Another, impulse buying can wreck a budget. The exception is if you find a deal on something while shopping, this type of impulse buying can save substantially.

Anyway, I thought these films were not only entertaining, but interesting to see how government agencies and universities played a role in "educating" the citizenry on how to shop, budget, make-do, plant gardens, etc. Today, we mostly get this sort of information presented in video form through private and commercial websites. I was curious how and where the vintage films were presented to the public. In my brief digging online, it appears that there were large collections of educational and instructional films held by universities. They were rented out (for a small fee) to schools, universities, colleges, clubs/lodges/organizations, commercial enterprises, and public libraries. Some instructional films were specific to an industry and served as employee training films. Many others enjoyed much broader audiences, such as this grocery shopping film. Most likely this particular film was used in university-level Home Economics courses, as well as community women's clubs as a sort of educational entertainment program. 

This one is an 11-minute film. If you have some time, you might enjoy it. I find these sorts of films to not only be a source of entertainment, but also inspiration to stay on the sensible, frugal path.

For friends in the US, I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving. For friends outside the US, I'll be back on Monday, and hope you have a lovely weekend.

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  1. Hi Kris,
    Yep, I caught up on lots of videos and YouTube several days in a row, and without a single bit of guilt. There's always a silver lining. We also "banked" some rewards points to use for a future vacation. Dental insurance is pretty dismal in coverage for the big things.


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