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Thursday, December 28, 2023

My Daughters' Invention for Christmas Dessert: Peppermint-Chocolate Tofu Silk


I wanted to show what my daughters created for our Christmas dinner dessert. They basically followed this recipe that I blogged about in 2015. It's a melted-chocolate-chip-blended-with-pureed-tofu recipe. 

My daughters, however, made this into a layered parfait dessert, with about 2/3 of it a white chocolate-peppermint base layer, subbing some white chocolate chips and peppermint extract for the semi-sweet chocolate chips and vanilla extract, then swirling into the white chocolate-tofu some crushed candy canes. They topped the base layer with a small batch of chocolate-tofu silk, using silken tofu for both layers. For additional color on the chocolate, they sprinkled some red cookie decor sugars and added a peppermint-vanilla swirl cookie to each serving.

The desserts were creamy and delicious. Plus they looked pretty sitting on the buffet during our dinner. I served the parfaits with a large bowl of tangerines in the center of the table. The combination of eating something fresh like fruit with the creamy and sweet tofu silk was just the right kind of balance for us.


  1. I see that you daughters take after you in making a lovely presentation. And the parfaits sound delicious. How can you go wrong with chocolate and mint?

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      Thank you. I agree, chocolate and mint are a winning combo.

      Both of them love baking and making sweet treats. I was the same when I was single. At this stage, I'm happy to let someone else do desserts, as they take so much time. Whenever they volunteer to do this part, I'm very agreeable.


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