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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Replacing the Makeshift Zipper Pull on My Winter Jacket

Towards the end of last winter the pull on my winter jacket's zipper broke off. I used a paperclip to zip up and down my jacket for the rest of the season and the beginning of this year's.

I tired of looking less than polished when going out in my winter jacket. A paperclip front and center just screamed haphazard to me. I initially thought I'd buy a replacement zipper pull. You can buy replacements at fabric stores. The one above is the least expensive option at Joann Fabrics, for about $3 and change. However, I'm rarely in the area where our local Joann Fabrics is located, and I simply became impatient.

I had a thought that I could fashion a new pull from my jewelry-making supplies. This morning I pulled out the box of beads, findings, wire, and pliers. After trying a few different items without success, I settled on a large ring with a bead that fit.

Here's the repaired jacket's zipper pull. It's not perfect, but I like how it looks, and equal in importance, it works. My cost was $0, and I was able to make the repair in less time than I would have spent going to the fabric store and back.


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