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Wednesday, December 20, 2023

The White Chocolate-Covered Snowflake/Star Pretzels

I made the chocolate-covered snowflake pretzels today. I sprinkled them with light blue coarse sugar after dipping. I think my son and daughter-in-law will enjoy these.

I was a bit disappointed in the amount of broken pretzels in the bag. But no worries -- I turned all of those bits into some semi-sweet chocolate pretzel bark for my husband and daughters. I know they'll love this. The 4 of us have been enjoying all of the leftovers from my cookie and treat baking this week and last. 

There's always some sprinkles or coarse sugar that ends up on the waxed paper instead of the pretzels. I saved all of that in a small bowl to stir into oatmeal, cocoa, tea, or something like that. It's just sitting out for anyone in the family to use. So, nothing was wasted. That's always a good feeling.


  1. Yours look very pretty! Aldi has star shaped white chocolate covered star pretzels with candy cane sprinkled on top. I bought some of those at $2.99 (very expensive) but nice for the holidays!

    1. Hi Alice,
      Oh yum, candy cane sprinkles on the coated pretzels sound good! I think $2.99 was a pretty good price, given how expensive everything is right now. They'll be a nice treat for the holidays.

  2. Those came out so pretty! And smart thinking to use the broken bits in a bark! And now I remember what else I meant to look for in Target the other day, lol. I ended up buying our usual pretzels at the commissary, and have a few gluten-free ones left from a recent backpacking trip that I may dip for myself.

    1. This is Cat. Still can't sign into Google for comments, though I can for everything else. Have yet to figure out why.

    2. Hi Cat,
      I'm so glad you have some gf pretzels that you can dip for yourself! And I'm guessing your family will love the chocolate-covered pretzels that you make for them.

      I'm so sorry Google is so difficult at times. I guessed it was you at the mention of "commissary" and "backpacking" and "gluten-free,"

  3. You've made quite a selection of festive pretzels. Target is not on our regular pat,h and I have not been able to find holiday shaped pretzels in the several other stores I've looked in - except like Alice found -already coated. I am using plain twists. I don't think anyone will mind if they're covered in chocolate.

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      I agree, I don't think anyone will mind one bit what the shape of the pretzels are, especially if dipped in chocolate! Enjoy yours!


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