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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Happy Valentine's Day, Friends!

Here's how our Valentine's brunch turned out. 

Here's my plate.

You may notice the waffles have a non-waffle shape. I found this waffle iron, still in box, with instructions, and still two sides zip-tied together (never used) at Goodwill a couple of weeks ago. Since my 30-year old waffle iron died last year, I thought I'd pick this one up at a bargain basement price. It worked great today!

Valentine's hugs sent out to all of you!


  1. It all looks delicious and attractive. I'm sure everyone enjoyed your Valentine's brunch. And what a fun waffle maker.

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      It was delicious, although more sweet than I'm used to for breakfast-y foods. The waffles are a fun change. However, the ears seem to be a popular snack. In the pile of leftover waffles, there are a couple of earless Mickey heads. LOL

      I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day, Live and Learn.

    2. My husband teases me because I love the crispy waffle run-off.

  2. It looks so pretty, Lili! I spy two different places where you incorporated chocolate. Yum.

    1. Hi Kris,
      Thank you. We enjoyed it all, and I had some help putting it together. Yep, I drizzled melted chocolate chips over the scones one daughter made, and I set out a small bowl of pink M&Ms. I forgot about the M&Ms until just before we served ourselves, then I couldn't remember where I hid them for a couple of minutes. I like to keep some things a surprise for my family, only sometimes my hiding places are even too good for me to find!

      I hope you and your family had a wonderful Valentine's Day, Kris.


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