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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

To Commemorate the Four Year Anniversary of the Beginning of the Pandemic . . .

It's alive!

I fished the sourdough starter out from the back of the shelf of the fridge. It's been sitting there, untouched, for three and a half years. I wasn't sure if it would even be viable at this point. But I got it out anyway.

After giving it a good stir and a feeding, I set it on the counter for the night. Low and behold, that thing is still alive!

Anyway, I'm thrilled it's still viable. This afternoon I started a batch of rich sourdough to make jam-filled kolache buns tomorrow. I'm working through our stash of homemade jams this month and next. I think kolache sounds like a good use for the plum jam.

So, during the pandemic, did you ride the sourdough train, too in 2020? 

I ran out of yeast early on and couldn't get any until mid-summer of 2020. I made sourdough pizza crust (very good -- gave the pizza a cheesier taste), sourdough burger and hot dog buns (my son and his wife thought those burger buns were the best they'd ever tasted), sourdough bread, and sourdough raisin and spice rolls (favorite of mine) that spring.


  1. It lives! Yay! I had some sour dough starter in the back of my fridge once and my mother threw it out during a visit. She was helping me by cleaning out my fridge and didn't realize what it was. She felt bad, but I was able to get more starter from a friend, so it was not a problem.

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      Oh I can imagine your mother feeling bad over that. I can't fault her. Sourdough starter can look very unappetizing in a jar in the fridge. I'm glad you were able to get more easily afterward.

  2. So glad to hear your sourdough is still alive after all these years. I have a sourdough starter that my daughter got in high school. So I'm guessing around 12 years old by now. It originally was the Amish friendship starter that I just couldn't make all those sweet breads so I slowly converted it over to a sourdough starter. It often sits in the refrigerator for months on end untouched. It doesn't take much to get it started. I haven't made a pizza yet so maybe you could share how you do that.

    Back in 2020 I ran out of flour and yeast and couldn't get it in any big stores so we took a drive to a small Amish store about 1.5 hours away and could get every kind of flour imaginable as well as yeast. I stocked up. I think we had some of the best breads and meals during that time. A forced slower lifestyle was of great benefit. Now we're forced to go back to the livelier lifestyle and I'm not liking it at all.

    1. Hi Alice,
      Now that's an old sourdough starter that you have!
      Here's the post where I talk about making sourdough pizza crust:
      It links to a page with my recipe for sourdough bread, which is what I used for the crust. The whole bread recipe will make 2 large pizza crusts. So at the time (2020) I would bake one loaf of bread and one pizza crust at a time. Since pizza is on our menu this Friday, I may make the crust a sourdough one to see if it's as good as we remember it.

      That is so wonderful that you live near enough to an Amish community that you can drive out and stock up on all kinds of ingredients. Maybe someday when my husband retires we'll move somewhere more rural and nearer an Amish community and their stores.

  3. I didn’t make sourdough in 2020, or ever lol. I don’t like sourdough, and can’t be trusted to take care of it. My younger dd received some starter a few weeks ago, so she buried alive in discard baked goods. She’s having fun with it.


    1. Hi Diane,
      Oh, the image painted in my mind of your daughter and her sourdough starter is rather humorous, buried in the discard baked goods from growing the starter. There are a lot of baked things that she can make with it. I hope she enjoys this project.


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