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Thursday, March 21, 2024

Hi there!

pots of early spring flowers on the deck to brighten the mood of a gray day

Hi friends,

I'm sorry I've been absent this past week. I wish I could say I'm off enjoying a lovely holiday in the sun. But no such luck right now. I'm suffering from a serious case of fatigue and am finding it difficult to think, write, and post. Thanks for hanging in there with me. I should be back on track next week.

So, today is my 37th wedding anniversary. Right now I am getting dinner going. I'm making Swiss steak, brown rice, and garden Brussel sprout and kale greens. I baked whole wheat chocolate chip cookies earlier today for dessert.

I hope you all are having a great week. I'll write more soon. 


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both! Hope you enjoy your meal. It sounds delicious. Hang in there. Hope you can get some more rest soon. Love, Sara

    1. Thank you, Sara. We both thought dinner was delicious!

  2. Happy anniversary! I love Swiss steak. Hope you get to feeling better soon.


  3. Wishing you and your husband a great anniversary. 37 years, wow! You planned a nice meal.

    No worries about not posting. Your health is more important.

    Love the flowers on your porch. Last week we had spring weather and tonight and tomorrow we're getting a snow storm. I never know how to dress. Definitely not putting real flowers out yet!

  4. Happy 37th Anniversary!!

    Hope you feel rested soon. We all need a break from our routines especially when we strive constantly to do well. I get that way too and need to take time off. I call it being an "A student". Once that bug has bitten you it's hard to not try your best all the time and about everything you care about. That can be exhausting!!

    Take a well deserved break,

  5. Happy Anniversary! Have been concerned about you. Do what is needed to get healthy! Sending prayers and hugs.

  6. Happy Anniversary! Same number of years of marriage of me and my hubby (last Sept.). Hope you have a better weekend. We're back to winter here in Michigan so swiss steak sounds nice for a wintry weather weekend!

  7. Happy Belated Anniversary! Sorry to hear you've been so fatigued and hope that improves for you very soon.



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