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Thursday, April 4, 2024

Easy Crafting for a Semi-homemade Birthday Card

So I'm sharing this little bit of creativity because I think many of us have a large supply of blank greeting cards. Sometimes, we want the cards to look a bit more special, or we want to tailor them to a specific occasion. 

We receive a lot of these blank cards for free from charitable organizations. So my price point going in is zero. 

I needed a birthday card this month but wanted something that wasn't just a blank card. I wanted a card that would have the look and feel of a birthday card. Using just a couple of materials from my craft and sewing supplies, I embellished one of the blank greeting cards and made it into a lovely birthday card.

I chose this nice, but plain, "sunflower" card from my stack because it looked sunny, and the person I'm sending this to is a "sunny" person. 

To embellish the card, I smeared a small amount of gold glitter glue on the front in spots where the sunlight might normally reflect, such as the blossom's center and along the petals. It's just a small amount of glitter, but it's enough to make the card sparkle here and there.

Then for the interior of the card, I used my computer and printer to make an insert for the card. I used my computer's document program to craft a meaningful birthday message, then printed it out on standard printer paper and trimmed it to just slightly smaller than the blank card.

To attach the insert, I used yellow embroidery floss and a needle, sewing it into the fold of the blank card.

I left a 6 to 7-inch length of floss at each end of the exterior of the card's fold after sewing the insert in place. I brought these ends together along the "spine" of the card and tied a nice little bow. After tying the bow, I trimmed the ends of the floss to my desired length.

The entire process required minimal artistic skill and about 20 minutes of time, from start to finish. The end result is a blank card transformed into a birthday card, just what I was needing. 


  1. I would certainly be happy to receive that cheerful card, and I liked the way you sewed them together. I'm guessing it might take me longer than 20 minutes because I would probably get stuck on what to say on the inside and to get it spaced right.

    1. Thank you, Live and Learn. As for spacing the inside message, I used a document program that allowed me to center the text and adjust font and size easily. But you're right, sometimes thinking what to actually say takes the longest in a project such as this.

  2. Love it - so clever!

  3. Love the idea.

    I make bookmarkers for my church to sell at their craft/bake sales; I use old card...birthday, Christmas, etc....anything with a pretty picture. Add a tassel at the top, and BAM new book markers to sell and use at church. I'm going to add a little bit of glitter to dress them up!


    1. Hi Shelby,
      I would love to see some of your bookmarks. These sound lovely and would make a wonderful addition to the gift of a book to friends and family members. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Your friend will enjoy this special card!

    1. Hi Kris,
      I think she did appreciate the card!

  5. I love the idea for the glitter. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. I love the idea of printing your message on a sheet of paper and sewing it in as a page in a card. Good use of blank greeting cards!! I will remember this tip when I need to fancy up a greeting card.

    Yesterday, I made your Peanut Butter granola and it is so delicious. I just have a question about the microwave time. Instead of 15 to 20 minutes, I did seconds. Typo?

    Lili, thank you for sharing so many wonderful craft and home DIY tips.


    1. Hi Laura,
      Thank you for catching my typo! I just changed it to "seconds" in that post's recipe.
      I'm glad these recipes and DIYs can be useful to you.


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