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Tuesday, April 30, 2024

There's no prize chest for grown-ups at the dentist! What gives?

Yesterday morning was a rough one for me. This was the dental (unexpected) discovery from last week, an old filling with a crack in the side near the top that didn't show up on x-rays but could be seen when the neighboring crown was placed. My dentist was really kind when informing me and even said I could put this off for a bit, if I wanted. I think she's beginning to feel sorry for me this spring.

Anyway, although this was just a re-do on a filling and not a crown, it was especially rough on me. Perhaps it was due to no breaks during the drilling and refilling, or perhaps it was because it was an extra early morning appointment so they could squeeze me in soon, or perhaps it was because I didn't sleep well the night before due to back and shoulder pain. Whatever. It was a tough one.

When they finished, I had a hard time standing up. I made it out to the car and just sat for a while before I drove myself home. I got home, put comfy clothes back on, and crawled back under the covers. I got nothing accomplished all day except the dental appointment.

Over the weekend I had mentioned that it's such a shame that dentists don't give out prizes/rewards to the adults getting treatment. Well, my two daughters wanted me to have a "prize". They went to Goodwill Outlet and bought this cream-colored Ann Taylor LOFT pj/loungewear top for, get this, 74 cents. Goodwill Outlet sells clothing and housewares by the pound. Lightweight clothing can be a steal. Furniture is also a deal, usually half price from what it had been tagged in the regular Goodwill store. Last spring, I got a sewing table from GO for $7.50. Just takes patience and lots of checking back to find what I seek.

Anyway, a "new" pj top was my prize for all of these dental appointments. What thoughtful daughters!


  1. Sorry yesterday was such a rough day for you, but the silver lining is the new top from your daughters. Very thoughtful indeed.

  2. Sorry about the "extra" dental procedure, but glad it's over and you got a nice "prize". What sweet daughters! Keep hanging in there, Lili! Sara

    1. Thanks, Sara. I'm hanging in as best I can.

  3. Your daughters are rock stars. The jammie top looks pretty AND comfy, the best of both worlds. I hope your life is dentist-free for awhile. Do you have TMJ? I do, and I find that the prolonged opening of my mouth makes my jaw ache and gives me a headache. You can request bite guards (I think that's what they are called), which is a wedge between your back teeth to keep your mouth open so that you don't have to use your muscles in your jaw so much. I don't know if that helps, but thought I'd offer it up.

    1. Hi Kris,
      I don't know about TMJ, but I have trismus, which is a restricted ability to open my mouth fully. I'm working on exercises for that. I think what you're referring to my dentist calls a bite block. They've used that on the crown work. And you're right, that is so helpful. I don't have to work at keeping my mouth open but can rest my jaw a bit. This time, the dentist wanted to isolate the tooth while working, so they used a dam and no block. The loose edge of the dam kept riding up and blocking my ability to breathe through my nose. But that filling is over, and this re-do should last a long while. One last crown to go, and then I'm done with restorations for the time being.

  4. Dental visits are my most dreaded too. I never know what to expect especially as many old fillings need replacement, either with another filling, if I am lucky, or a crown. Can be very costly even with dental insurance when the dentist prefers resin composite fillings and porcelain crowns as opposed to the more cost effective amalgam.

    Your daughters are so sweet and thoughtful. Kudos to you for raising them to be the fine daughters they are!!

    Have a wonderful day,


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