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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A birthday in the midst of holiday preparations

A homemade birthday banner, made when my son was 3, and reused every year, since.

Maps, which came in the mail for free, used as gift wrap.

A Christmas gift bag, with the holiday tag carefully removed,

by untying the cord handle on the inside of the bag, to slide the tag off, for a "plain" gift bag. The tag was saved, and can be put back on the bag, to use as a Christmas gift bag.

A four-layer, homemade birthday cake. Yellow butter cake, filled with blackberry jam and cocoa buttercream frosting.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lili,
That cake looks delicious!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Lili said...

Thank you, Rhonda!
Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lili,
Ditto what Rhonda says!
Is that a scratch cake? Do you have a good recipe?
Have a blessed Thanksgiving : )
Jo Ann

Lili said...

Hi Jo Ann,
Thank you! And yes, it's my mom's scratch butter cake recipe. One bowl, super easy. I've thought about posting it because it is so good, and the recipe calls for all-purpose flour and not cake flour. I'll see if I can post it next week.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Precious People Preschool said...

Hi Lili,
What a wonderful birthday you planned for your son. Tell him happy birthday.
My daughters is the day after Christmas,so I get the birthday in the middle of the holidays. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Lili said...

Hi Patti,
Thank you. I will.
I can just imagine what Christmas week is like in your house!
Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Patti!

Kris said...

Wow, you have a lot to do in a short amount of time. Glad you found time to celebrate your son's birthday. The cake looks scrumptious!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lili,
Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Birthday to your son!!
Many reasons to give thanks for the births of your children but I can imagine with the holidays, it is more difficult to make the birthdays a special day. I love your banner that has become a tradition, your lovely winter seasonal dinnerware, and special handmade from scratch four layer cake. While saving money over store bought, your customized touch means so much more and will be easily memorable. I never thought to do these things, since we had very few family traditions growing up. Life was pretty same old lol


Lili said...

Hi Kris,
Thank you. My holiday/celebration calendar always feels compressed in late November. But it's all good. I'm grateful to have family to celebrate for, and with.

Lili said...

Thank you, YHF!
I love traditions, like the birthday banner, for a couple of reasons. They mark occasions in memorable ways, but also they are no-brainer things that I can do on auto-pilot in my busiest of years.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, YHF!

CTMOM said...

Everything looks great! I, too, would appreciate your sharing of your yellow cake recipe. I have a awesome chocolte scratch cake recipe, shared years back by an ol line friend. Would love to try yours, when you have time to post.

Lili said...

Thank you, Carol! I'll try to post that recipe of my mom's this next week!

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