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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Pretty little jars

I saved these two pretty little jars from edible treats.

They are nice enough to hang on to. But what should I do with them? Make some infused honey or spicy mustard? Too pretty to throw away -- what would you use these jars for? Lucky for me the label on the honey jar peeled right off. I'll have to work a bit on the other jar's label.


Linda M said...

I love jars like that. I have used them for jellies, body scrubs, bath salts, or even as a gift container for something small like earrings or a bracelet....makes a pretty presentation.

Anonymous said...

I use small jars for homemade air fresheners. I mix a few drops of scented oils (apple cinnamon) and rice (uncooked!), cut a piece of window screen and secure that on top with a canning jar ring. Shake the jar every so often. Google it - i put them where they get a lot of sun, makes my house smell AMAZING! I made a few for my church bazaar this spring - sold all of them!


TG said...

The sticky residue can be taken off with a mixture of oil and salt.
We have had a children’s table at church events where there are “prizes” in different sized jars. Each jar has a number and the cost to draw a ticket with a number is low .25-.50 Sometimes there is a table with more pricy prizes fora $1.00
Both your ideas sound good.
I use jars like that when I purchase a large container of spices , like organic peppercorns can come in a large ziplock bag at Marshall’s. I have gifted portions out to family and friends in these types of jars.
I also take items in them when we go to our cottage for the season. I have an ancient small yeast jar I fill up during the summer and keep in the freezer at the lake.

Alice said...

Oh, I love little pretty jars! Aldi sells a jam in a tall skinny jar and those are so pretty. I put sugar cubes in them to use. I should put dried herbs in them. I once bought peaches in a pretty little jar and after that I made thousand Island dressing in it. I just store lots of foodie stuff in pretty little jars. Sometimes the labels come off easily and sometimes not so easily. I've heard of peanut butter and I think I'll try the oil and salt. Everything has worked so far.


Kris said...

Very timely post. I got a freebie glass yogurt jar from the grocery store a few weeks ago (a French yogurt--good, but I would never spend the $1.50 that it normally sells for!). The jar is adorable and I washed it up. There is no lid so that limits my usage--I like Sandy's air freshener idea but I may just give it to my daughter to decorate up with washi tape and use for odds and ends (of which she has many!).

Alice said...

I bought a pkg. of four just for the little glasses. We use them as wine glasses. Aren't they pretty? I won't buy them again since it is just another thing to pay for that will end up being recycled and honestly, I didn't really like the yogurt very well.


Lili said...

You are my people! I sometimes buy a food item just for the container! I love the rice/fragrance oil air fresheners. I did that with lemon and mint a few years ago, to duplicate the fragrance of one of my BBW candles. I also really like the idea for putting a body scrub in one of these, as I think the prettiness of the jars would be perfect for by the bath area. I saw a yogurt at the store in a glass jar! In fact it was a freebie a few weeks ago, but they were sold out by the time I shopped. I liked the jar idea, but I would like to know which would cause more waste -- plastic or glass. I suspect that a lot of these jars will turn up at Goodwill/ or free piles in another few months. Thanks for all of your ideas -- keep 'em coming!

Anne in the kitchen said...

That is a simply great idea!

Kris said...

I haven't seen the 4-packs at my Meijer. I still need to get the residue stickiness off of the jar, but I have Goo Gone, so hopefully that will be an easy fix. I "bought" the plain yogurt, as they were out of flavored ones, and I enjoyed it, but I think they are wayyyy overpriced--and the glass jar isn't really practical in a packed lunch. I think it will be a fun container for my daughter, maybe for her sewing supplies--wouldn't buttons be cute in it?

Anonymous said...

Try putting them in your vehicle - smells heavenly!


Live and Learn said...

As I'm starting to think about things to make for Christmas, there are some good ideas here. However, I am not one to save many jars--just one or two of a kind I might use. I may have to reconsider the packaging for some of these ideas.

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