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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Victoria magazine: one of my indulgences (*and a giveaway*)

I discovered Victoria magazine when my twins were toddlers. While at the library checking out picture books for them, I'd steal by the magazine rack and check out back issues of Victoria magazine. I loved the photos, the garden tours and the recipes. During toddler nap times, I'd escape to other lands as I envisioned beautiful places and sumptuous meals. I was hooked.

Victoria magazine went away for a couple of years. But when they came back, I decided to use some birthday money to give myself the gift of escape, once again. Every year now, I indulge myself and renew my subscription, using birthday or Christmas money.

In case you're not familiar, Victoria magazine appeals to those enamored with the vintage lifestyle. It's pages are filled with photos of lovely gardens, interesting travel destinations, vintage decorating, and entertainment ideas. While I couldn't live the Victoria lifestyle on a daily basis (my vintage china cannot go into the dishwasher, and I really don't want to hand wash dishes daily), it has provided inspiration for planning major holiday events in my home.

And now, I have the opportunity to give away 1 one-year subscription. The only qualification is you must have a USA address  If you'd like to enter to win this subscription to Victoria magazine, leave a comment below.

I understand that this magazine won't appeal to everyone, and that's okay with me (you won't hurt my feelings). But if you'd like a one-year subscription, please enter.

This drawing for 1 one-year subscription to Victoria magazine will remain open until 12-midnight PDT, Tuesday, July 1, 2014. The winner will be announced in my regular post on July 3, 2014.


  1. Hi Lili, Oh Victoria magazine. Yes! Such stunning photos. I'd love to win this one.

  2. Oh, I love Victoria magazine. I check issues out from my library and enjoy looking through the magazines with a cup of coffee. Having escapes...a little 'me' so important to our overall happiness.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!


    1. Thanks for saying that, Angie, about the "me" time being so important. Sometimes I feel guilty for taking time for myself. But there's truth in the saying, "ain't nobody happy, if Mom ain't happy". (love the grammar there!)

  3. Yes, please! Winning a subscription would be a lovely summer surprise.
    Thank you,
    Jo Ann

  4. I haven't read this magazine but it sounds interesting. Gardening and recipes....has to be good, right? :)

  5. I also looove this magazine! Used to enjoy it very much years ago. I would be so happy to have a subscription to it again. It is my style.


  6. Years ago I copied a very frilly wedding cake from a picture in Victoria Magazine. To this day its still one of my favorite cakes of all that I have decorated. (and so very differant from the current trends)
    I'd be the happy recipiant of the subscription if I win Otherwise I'll continue to check them out from the library.

    1. Do you happen to have a photo of that cake, frugal spinster? I'd love to see it!

  7. Thanks for this Lili - what a great giveaway :)

  8. I also enjoy this magazine Lili! I'd love a subscription!

  9. Sometimes I still pick up Victoria magazine to look through briefly. Out of my price range. Lovely, though.

  10. I'd love to try it since it's free. I no longer purchase magazines but a free one I can handle.

    amdamsteegt at

  11. This is the first time I've heard of Victoria magazine. I checked it out online and up popped two Destinations that I've been to. :) It looks like a very interesting and pretty magazine, but I think someone else would appreciate a subscription more that I would. In fact, I see some have already commented to that effect. However, now that you've made me aware of Victorian, I will be checking it out online then and again. Good luck to everyone, and thanks, Lili for the offer.

  12. I used to love Victoria magazine. I've not looked at it in a long time though. Such a beautiful magazine. :)

  13. Victoria has been an inspiration since I was 13 and first saw a copy of it. It has inspired my home, my cooking, my clothing, my hair (the reason I cut off 21 inches the year I turned 21!), my garden (planned from pictures I saw there), my college major. . . .

    In fact, I was seriously looking at applying for an internship at Victoria. When it went away, I called the editor (who had retired) to thank her for what she had done. She was out, but her sweet husband took a message.

    I'm grateful that it was picked up by a new publisher

    And my subscription is due soon!

  14. Dee
    I would love to get this magazine have always enjoyed reading it and love the beautiful pictures.

  15. I have about 10 year's worth of old Victoria magazines stored in my basement and I read through them regularly. I think the word I would use to describe them is "genteel". Some of the older pictures in them look dated to me now, but many of them have a timeless style which has great appeal to me.

  16. Please throw my name into the hat,

    sarynp at yahoo dot com


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