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Monday, January 12, 2015

"The best dinner ever"

Do you ever finish up a meal and think to yourself, "that was the best dinner ever!" And then you realize, it was just an ordinary meal, but what made it so delicious was your own appetite.

I have that experience about once or twice per month. I'm just the right amount of hungry to appreciate even the most mundane of meals. Last Thursday was one such meal. It was homemade cheese pizza that I had in the freezer. Not even any special toppings, or even freshly made. I do reheat my frozen pizzas directly on the rack in the oven, so the bottom of the crust is crispy. That may help. And to go with the pizza, we had, now let your appetite whet .  .  .  frozen peas! And rhubarb sauce!

So, nothing super spectacular. Just an ordinary weekday dinner. The difference between having this meal on that night and any other, was our appetites.

There's an old saying, "hunger is the best sauce". Nothing more true in cooking than that.



  1. You are absolutely right. I also find that food tastes better according to what's available. If brownies are not available, I appreciate the taste of fruit much more.

    1. Hi live and learn,
      I have found the same to be true. Fruit will taste more delicious to me, if I don't have cookies around fro comparison.

  2. Ha! The Norwegians have a similar saying: Sult er det beste krydder - which translates to "hunger is the best spice." It's so true, isn't it?

    1. Always good to be hungry at mealtime, it does make the meal taste better. Dr. Fuhrman says not to eat until you are hungry, a good rule to follow, but one I have trouble with at times. lol

    2. I like the Norwegian version of that saying, too, Cat! I think living in the land o plenty, Americans don't always appreciate basic cooking.

    3. Belinda, I have the same "problem". I'm not always hungry when I eat. I need to work on that!


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