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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Making a salad when it seems as if there's not enough of anything

To go with dinner the other night, I had planned to make a bowl of cole slaw, with the last of the cabbage.

When I got the head of cabbage out, I realized that there was only a small section of the cabbage left. After shredding it, I could clearly see that this would never feed the five of us.

Out to the garden I went, to see what I could possibly find to add to the cabbage. The watercress was looking good, so I picked all of the leaves big enough, washed and chopped them, and added to the cabbage.

Still not enough salad, I grated a carrot to add to the salad. Now to add some dressing. I am all out of mayo, for a creamy dressing, so I made an oil and chive blossom vinegar dressing to toss the vegetables in.

My salad bowl still looked slightly skimpy for 5 adults, so I cooked up a cup of shell pasta, to add to the salad.

What began as cole slaw managed to morph into a cabbage-y pasta salad. Not nearly what I had planned, but delicious anyways!



  1. Your morphed cole slaw looks very delicious. I love cabbage in pasta salads. The water that's weeped from the cabbage gets absorbed in the pasta. Also as in pickling, cabbage that has weeped morphs in taste and texture.


    1. Hi YHF,
      It was really pretty good. I don't usually add cabbage to pasta salad, but this was nice and fresh tasting.

  2. It looks great, Lili. Great way to improvise. :)

  3. Now you're talking my kind of cooking. However, I have never quite wound up with a cabbage-watercress-pasta salad before. Looks good. :)

    1. Hi live and learn,
      And I may never wind up with a cabbage-watercress-pasta salad again! Just go with the flow and use what I can scrounge.

      One things for certain, as an adult, my idea of a "salad" has been stretched a lot!


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