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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Springtime gifts to make

I'm taking a brief break from grocery budget issues on my blog today, as lots goes on in my humble abode, besides cooking and budgeting.

We have several spring birthdays, plus there's Easter and Mother's Day just around the corner, too. So, I'm busy making some gifts this month. I'll show you one or two each week, until I'm done.

These first two gifts are for my daughters. They'll be turning 20 years old next Tuesday. I had noticed one daughter was pinning one of her scarves to wear as an infinity scarf. Hmmm, that must be something she's interested in.

These are spring infinity scarves. They're made from 1 yard each of lightweight fabric. I spent a grand total of 3 hours sewing them (and that includes working with a misbehaving sewing machine), and they were super easy. Straight stitches, plus a bit of hand whip-stitch at the end. Nothing more to them.

I bought new fabric, but these could also be made with fabric from a garment, cut into sections. I had very specific ideas on fabric choice -- to go with some tops that I bought for the girls at Wet Seal, for $4 per top. So coupons in hand, I went to Jo-Ann fabrics. Each scarf cost about $7.50, after coupons. And even though I bought new fabric, they were still half the price of what I saw at the mall at Claire's.

I have the scarves hanging on flocked, sectioned accessory hangers. Maybe you've seen these in stores. I saw these a while back and thought they would be great to help my daughters with a little closet organization. After Christmas, I found them on clearance at Michael's for $3 each.

While at Jo-Ann's, I saw some lovely burnt red gauzy fabric that I'm thinking of picking up, to make one of these scarves for my step-mom for Mother's Day or her birthday. They were so very easy, I suspect all of the women on my gift-giving list will be receiving one of these this year.

One of the gifts for spring, with more to come!



  1. Very pretty. I'm sure your daughters will appreciate the scarves! Last year when I was on a knitting kick, several people on my list received cowl scarves. :) When you find something that works as a great handmade gift, go for it!

    1. Hi Kris,
      And I bet those knit cowls were really appreciated! Did they take very long to knit, each?

    2. No--big yarn plus big needles=short creation time. :) I can typically whip one out in 3 or 4 hours (good Downton Abbey knitting ...). I used a circular needle which eliminated the need to sew a seam. But now we are entering the warmer seasons, so your infinity scarves will be perfect for that.

    3. You've got me thinking, Kris, that it's never too early to start on Christmas!

  2. Infinity scarves are not cheap at stores, and you're certainly right that sometimes you just need to choose your fabric. Too often scarves are bold and colorful. I see where these will complement rather than clash. I think handmade gifts are the best gifts...Happy Birthday to your twin daughters!!


  3. Thinking ahead to Christmas too. Maybe everyone will receive a knitted and sewn scarf. Infinity that is. Everyone has already gotten a knitted scarf or two from me.

    1. If you are on Ravelry (online knitting/crocheting community--free!) you can find many free patterns. One of the things I really like about it is the comments--if a pattern generates too many negative comments, I avoid it--or I use the hints the other knitters give to make my creation work out better. That's where I got the 2 cowl knitted cowl patterns I have used--if you are interested, I can let you know what they are.

    2. Live and learn, never too early to be thinking about Christmas, right?

      Kris, I may get those pattern listing from you, too. It's always nice to get a pattern from someone you know. :-)


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