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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Soft Tacos and More Jam Cookies

I know that I am overtired, this week. I believe that is contributing to my current funk. However, I was able to make significant progress, yesterday afternoon, on my work, which is a huge relief. I do wonder why I set myself up for such hard work, sometimes.

When planning a quick to fix dinner, I find myself beginning the mental prep work while I'm fixing my breakfast. By doing this early in the day, I can rummage through the freezers and pantry to find suitable ingredients, and still have time for them to thaw. Yesterday morning, my thoughts ran to Mexican food. Fortunately, I had flour tortillas, raw chicken, and cooked black beans in the freezer. Add a can of corn, some olives, lettuce and the last of the salsa, and I think we're in business. Soft tacos and corn -- simple, satisfying and delicious.

I did take a few minutes to make a sweet treat. This is yet another simple way to make jam cookies. Instead of balls, you cut rolled out dough into squares, dollop with jam, and fold the points in toward the center on two sides, then bake. After Christmas, I found several packages of sugar cookie dough, pre-rolled out, on markdown. I paid 55 cents per package, even though the tag says 69 cents.

This is really very handy cookie dough. I don't know if I would pay full price, but if I see it marked down in the future, I will buy it again.

I cut the dough into squares.

Topped each with a spoon of jam.

Folded the corners in to the center.

Baked. And here's what they look like once done.


  1. It's taco night here in CT as well! I defrosted a lb of ground beef, recently bought on marked down and I soaked a lb's worth of pintos overnight, which are now cooking away in one of my Crock Pots. I hope to prepare some beans with meat for a taco filling as well as trying to make some refried beans for the first time. I have lettuce, tomatoes that need to be used up, salsa, cheese to hand shred, flour tortillas. I will also serve 1/2 pkg of fzn corn. Your cookies are very pretty! I've never seen sheets of dough like that, I would have snapped it up as well.

    1. Hi Carol,
      I love homemade refried beans. They're easy to make and you can control the extra ingredients, like spice, salt and fat. Sometimes I just mash them with a potato masher -- a little lumpy that way. When we want smooth beans, I run them through the food processor. Enjoy your tacos!

      This dough might only be a Christmas thing. The packaging has holiday cookies depicted on the front. I'm glad that I bought it, as it's super easy to use, and the flavor and texture is quite good, I thought.

      Have a great day, Carol!

  2. Like CTMOM, I've never seen sheets of cookie dough like that either, but I don't frequent that area in the store much. It does look handy. The cookies you made are very pretty and would be good for you to take to some of your events.

    I hope the end is in sight for your project. I think finishing it will do wonders for your mood.

    1. Hi live and learn,
      I'm not usually looking for the refrigerator cookie dough either. It was right next to marked down whipping cream that one day, and that's when I noticed it (because I do frequent the whipping cream aisle ;-) ).

      The end is near. I have some photography work for the project to do this morning, then more editing, and hopefully I can get it all done in the next day. When I reach the point that I feel it is good enough, then I'll feel much better.

      Have a great day, live and learn!

  3. Must have been taco night coast to coast -- we had tacos, too.

    I'm glad you made progress on your project...that always helps ease some of the doldrums.

    I've never seen the sheet dough either. I've not looked for it specifically, but it would be the perfect amount for cutting out sugar cookies with my grandson. Enough to hold his interest, but not overwhelm him.

    1. Hi Busy Bee,
      This dough is freezable, too. There are two sheets per package, and I could see using one, and freezing the other for another time. The dough that I used yesterday had been frozen and it worked just fine. It made me think that this is a possibility for DIY freezer cookie dough; rolling out sheets of homemade dough, then freezing in small amounts, so I could just bake a small batches of cut-out cookies.

      Have a great day, Busy Bee!

  4. Brilliant, once again, Lili. Leftover bits and pieces that need to be used up is always a great start to meal prep. While you veer to Mexican meals, I go Italian. Last night's dinner was based solely on what needed to be used up so pizza it was. It was delicious. As Live and Learn mentioned they would definitely be worthy of taking to your events. And the price ... wow!

    1. Hi Jayne,
      Italian meals sound good, too. And pizza is a great way to use random leftovers, as you can use up those small amounts that seem like not enough for many other dishes.
      Have a great day, Jayne!

  5. I've also never seen cookie dough sheets but I also don't shop in that part of the store ever.

    Our dinner last night was pigs in the blanket and egg rolls. I just had a huge panic attack regarding IRS and bathroom demolition and everything just seemed so overwhelming that I couldn't do anything. Not even a walk since it rained. I talked myself into some sense saying that none of these things are the end of the world. I cleaned out the fridge of things that were in there too long and not used, sorted through the fresh veggies and got them diced for a chicken noodle soup in the crockpot today while I'm at work. Had a talk with hubby when he got home to help reassure me that nothing is out of control I shouldn't worry. Then I worked on the bathroom a little since I want to say that I helped.


    1. Hi Alice,
      I am so sorry for your troubles with the IRS. That is really every adult American's nightmare, I believe. And a torn up bathroom doesn't help matters, at least not until it starts to come back together. You are right that these are all temporary problems and are not the end of the world. I can hear my mother's voice in my head when I use that phrase. She must have used it often, "not the end of the world."

      Have a great day, Alice!

  6. The cookies are just brilliant! I love how they turned out. Sometimes I get cookie dough at 99 cents only. It is nice to have some in the freezer. I have also purchased cookie dough at the regular store. Kristi started making a double portion when she makes cookie dough and freezing it in a log or tube shape like you find at the store. This is a wonderful time saver:) I am glad you made some progress on your paper. I think I will make tacos for dinner. That sounds great.
    Have a lovely day.

    1. Hi Patti,
      I totally agree -- cookie dough that is all ready to go makes for very quick desserts and snacks! So smart of Kristi to make extra for the freezer. I have an excellent slice and bake ginger cookie dough recipe, for the freezer. I'll see if I can find that one. I know I kept it, as we loved it so much and it was very convenient. I'll check. When I was a teen, a group of about 8 friends and I would buy the choc chip slice and bake dough to snack on raw. That stuff was sooooo good.
      Thanks, Patti. I'm getting there. Enjoy the tacos! And have a lovely afternoon!

  7. Your cookies look beautiful,but I think I'm craving your tacos! We haven't had a taco night in awhile. I'm trying a new recipe--a Rachel Ray one--basically, a spatch-cocked chicken with potatoes, apples, and onions roasting under it. It's a little different from my typical roasted chicken but it sounded good and I had an oversized apple that has seen better days, so we'll see how it works out! My daughter says it smells like a restaurant in the kitchen so hopefully that's a good thing. ;)

    1. Hi Kris,
      When the kids compliment our cooking, like your daughter did, it's one of the best compliments, as kids just blurt stuff out, without thinking they need to be polite and say something nice. I bet you kitchen smells divine right now. Sounds yummy! Have a nice evening, Kris!

  8. I will definitely be on the lookout for cookie dough next time I visit Walmart and Target. I am not a baker so this will come in handy when our grandkids are over. They never turn down the chance to work in the kitchen and prepare their own food (being boys it is wonderful).

    Now that I know you are taking a professional writing course, I cringe every time I write....I struggled with awkward sentence structure in school. I know you are merciful :)

    Hope you can have some R&R soon!!


    1. Hi YHF,
      Ha ha! I don't judge other people's writing. Writing is for communication and so long as we are communicating, that's all that matters. My own writing, here on the blog and in emails is extremely casual. I have to put on my scholar cap when I sit down to write a professional-ish piece, in order to keep jargon and slang out. So, I'm a lousy photographer, and I know that. I'll make a deal with you -- you don't judge my photography and I won't judge your writing!

      Yeah, I hope you see this cookie dough on a deal, sometime. It was so convenient yesterday, and 2 weeks ago when I made heart-shaped cookies with it.

      Have a great day, YHF!

  9. I think your photography is fine!! I am worse in photography than writing since I don't do it often enough.



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