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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Yesterday Was a Really Long, Hard Slog of Work

I am finishing up my writing course, but I tell you, yesterday was grueling.  A lot of folks had the day off from work. Not here; not me. I worked, and edited and revised, and edited some more, and examined what I had revised, and finally conked out, too tired to think with any remaining clarity. I'll need to get right back to that project later this morning, hopefully with a fresh (and capable) mind.

One of my daughters is away from home for the week. (Yes, I'm sad on top of tired.) The other daughter was also busy with classwork all day long. She misses her sister. The two of us commiserated, heartily. Neither she nor I had time to cook dinner for the four of us. And no one else was stepping up to the plate. So, I pulled a container of soup out of the freezer, added egg salad sandwiches and bananas, and that was dinner.

I'm tired and sad today. I hope that I am out of this funk by tomorrow. I do have a goal in sight; and the thought of that goal is driving me forward. I know that many of you understand this feeling, of pushing yourself through a tough time in order to reach a much-desired goal. Wishing you success as you reach for your stars.

Have a great day, friends!


  1. Hugs Lili. We will keep you in our prayers while you go through this tough time.


  2. Hugs to you! I so understand how tired you must be. I run a home daycare for six young children - fifty hours a week and my husband is recovering from cancer. We live in a larger home and it seems once I finish cleaning - the dust that needs to be wiped is settling again! There never seems to be enough hours in the day for us! Get some rest today!

  3. Just said a prayer for you. Those rough patches can be tough, but you are a consistent and persistent lady and I know you'll persevere. Hang in there!

  4. The end of the term papers/projects/tests are some of the most stressful things around. I wish you strength and energy, but I'm guessing that you already have a good product. And if you're really tired a good paper is good enough. That's how it would be with me anyway.

  5. Oh, I hear you....I remember those English writing course days when I revised, and revised the revise, until my brain got fried. Is this a business or creative writing course? I know you will persevere and reach your goal because you are a determined and disciplined person. I wish you the best, and wouldn't be surprised to hear one day that a book is on its way!! :)

    I struggle with what is an appropriate goal for me in my stage of life. My goal has changed a few times, and I am still debating. Sometimes I lose my energy and focus to have a goal at all. I still like to do things with my hands, but I question the need to try so hard in a quest to make art. I don't understand my drive, except it is always about "what ifs" that drives me to make another thing or do another project. I don't feel the gumption to take an art course. But I do admire your spirit and determination.

    Hope today is a good one.


  6. Good for you to challenge yourself with your writing.
    It's a double edged sword when our children grow up and begin to move away.
    Your son has become engaged. Your daughters are moving through university.
    We want this next stage and you have begun to explore new projects also.
    Sometimes it's exhausting.
    You pulled together a filling meal . You're awesome:)

  7. Lili,
    Praying for you and sending hugs. I pray you would be refreshed and that you have the mind of Christ and the lord would give you that peace that passes all understanding.

  8. Dear Lili,
    I know EXACTLY what those feelings are like. I often feel the same way when I'm overwhelmed and no one steps up to the plate and then I remember that they, too, are just as busy as I am with deadlines and papers, etc. So you did the best you could and hopefully no one complained. Tomorrow is another day! If you didn't happen to have that frozen soup, I'll bet a can of soup and a grilled cheese would have been just as satisfying.


  9. I totally understand. Hope today is going better.

  10. I said a prayer for you. Some days are like that, but they always get better. Take good care of yourself, Lili.

  11. Hang in there, Lili! I think living in your 50s must be the decade of shifting emotions. I am proud of you for looking ahead and taking the opportunity to follow your dreams, but the sense of loss with your kids growing up and growing away is real. You haven't mentioned lately if your energy levels are getting back to normal, but that may have a bearing on how you are feeling, as well. Sending up a prayer for you right now.

  12. Thank you, friends. I know that this will soon be over. I just have to get through a tough spot.
    My daughter is in Colorado, I hope having a wonderful time, participating in a theater competition.
    My writing class is geared towards professional writing. I'm finishing up an analysis of existing advertisements and creation of new advertisements. I know that I put way too much pressure on myself. This happens to be a personal issue with which I struggle. I will have to reach a point where good enough is good enough.

    Have a wonderful day!

  13. Hi Lili ,
    I know just how you feel . Husbands job ended the first of Nov. We had been planning on this happening so it wasn't a huge shock . We remodeled our house with lots of work and not much money . It sold for mire than we ever imagined it would . We had three offers the first week !
    We bought an off grid log cabin on 20 acres in Mt . It has solar and wind and because we have always tried to be frugal with our utilities it's no burden . One thing we did change was getting rid of the electric fridge and buying scratch and dent propane fridge it's 19 so not really small .
    My husband was able to take early retirement but we found out $1000 of it will go for our medical insurance ugh .
    We are planning on a huge garden and canning and selling surplus. It's been hard but it's also fulfilling.

  14. I definitely understand the feeling of pushing yourself through a tough time in order to reach a goal. Bless your heart, Lili. You will get there. You did good with your dinner. It's hard to do someday when we don't want to do it or we are so busy with other things. Way to go!


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