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Monday, March 20, 2017

An Amazing Salad Using Some of That Bargain Cabbage From St. Patrick's Day

We had this salad on my daughters' birthday. Not an exact recipe, but more of a guideline; the dressing is definitely "to taste".


shredded cabbage
2 tangerines, peeled, sectioned and halved (not only to make bite-size pieces, but also to release juice)
vegetable oil
ground ginger
soy sauce

I combined the oil, ginger, soy sauce and vinegar in the bottom of a bowl. The I tossed with the cabbage and tangerine pieces. This made good use of some rather aging tangerines. They still tasted delicious, but the peels were less than attractive.

I served this salad with a Chinese dinner for their birthday. It was delicious, and inexpensive!


  1. Yum . . that sounds delicious!

  2. I have a similar recipe but ours also has a package of ramen noodles (toasted) added in to add some crunch.

    I needed a few groceries over the weekend and we were fortunate to find some discounts. One was a couple of bags of lettuce, some avocados, green onions, a chuck roast, some ground beef and chicken legs. We had salad for lunch Saturday. We cooked chicken legs and and some boiled potatoes and green beans for dinner on Saturday night and the roast for Sunday with scalloped potatoes and corn and black bean salad.

    I like cooking with a purpose. The purpose is that my son is home. My husband couldn't enjoy his Sunday dinner until later in the the afternoon because he got a call to go to work right at lunchtime. He was back around 2:30 or so.

    Some other deals were good egg prices at Aldi 39 cents a dozen. Their chicken prices were .69 lb. for chicken thighs but they didn't have anymore in the cooler. I guess when they sell out, they don't restock. I feel like if they advertise those prices, they need to stock enough as well. Same with their corned beef--they advertise but then don't have any.


    1. The chicken thighs were out also at my Aldi's. I think they run out of specials sometimes (especially on the weekends) and don't restock until they get another shipment. That's a great price on eggs. They were $.89/dozen at my Aldi's. Still a good price, but not as good as yours.

    2. Hi Alice,
      My step-mom has a recipe for a salad with ramen noodles, like this, and I think she adds chicken to it.
      Your egg prices really beat ours. I'll see what WinCo has later this week on eggs. I think at 39 cents /dozen we'd be eating egg dishes every night for a while.

      For chicken, I wait for the leg quarters (legs and thighs attached) for 49 cents/lb. in a 10-lb bag. Those work well for our family. This is this is the time of year that I look for chicken deals. SO maybe our stores will have something soon, too.

      Have a great day, Alice!

    3. I was thinking the same, Lili, that some chicken would do well in a soy/vinegar sauce, like Filipino Chicken Adobo.

      Have a nice day!!


    4. I also would prefer chicken prices cheaper like .49/lb and Save-A-Lot does have that but the whole bag is frozen solid so I can't separate them. I find that frozen bag useless! I needed chicken just to get by so I got the one package of thighs at Aldi and then the reduced chicken legs at Save-A-lot.


    5. Hi Alice,
      With those big bags of chicken legs, where they are frozen in a large lump, you can safely partially thaw in the fridge, separate and refreeze. I wrote a post, and linked to a gov't source on thawing and refreezing meat, here:

      Meat just has to be thawed in the fridge (not in microwave or in cold water), to safely refreeze. This has been working for me. Just an FYI

    6. I'll have to check that out, YHF, the Filipino Chicken Adobo. Thanks for that!

  3. We had a big stew yesterday including one of our cheap heads of cabbage. I'm gonna ask if the others might be interested in a salad like yours. Cole slaw is a no go here because my they don't like mayo. And generally, vinegar based salads have not been a hit either. We'll see.

    1. Hi live and learn,
      another dish we like with cabbage is cabbage patch soup. It's a canned tomato based soup, with ground beef, shredded cabbage, onions, garlic, carrots and celery. Basically a tomato-beef soup with cabbage added. It's quite good. I had it in a restaurant when my oldest was little and I've made it from time to time, since.

      This salad did not taste vinegary. You could probably leave the vinegar out and substitute orange or pineapple juice for the vinegar, and make it sweet and soy. That would still taste good, just a sweeter dressing. If you happen to have sesame oil, that would also be great. I may buy some sesame oil this month, as I'm way under budget again.

      Have a great day, live and learn!

    2. Good ideas for subs. I'll see what we have around to work with.

  4. That sounds great! I will have to give this a try. My husband likes coleslaw but I do not like the typical dressings. I've made an Asian-flavored one before that we enjoyed, but it didn't have tangerines. That seems like a delicious twist.

    1. Hi Cat,
      This is different from typical slaw dressings. I didn't eat mayo as a teenager, but I would eat this sort of salad. I also think this salad would be good using oranges. I just wanted that stronger flavor of tangerines when I made it.

      Have a great day, Cat!

  5. I love this kind of salad with the mandarin oranges. I have a cabbage I need to use too, this will be perfect! :)

    1. Hi Belinda,
      It was really pretty delicious, and a nice change from the usual cole slaw!
      Have a great day!


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