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Friday, March 17, 2017

Cheap & Cheerful Suppers for St.Patrick's Day Week

  • black bean chili (I made an extra large batch for the freezer and lunches during the week)
  • homemade corn tortilla chips 
  • tangerines
  • leftover sandwiches, potato chips, veggies and dip and fresh fruit, from a luncheon at which I worked during the day
husband cooks 
  • pot roast, with carrots, potatoes, mushrooms and gravy
  • fresh watermelon (gifted after working a luncheon)
Monday (leftover night)
  • leftover pot roast and gravy
  • leftover fresh fruit
  • green salad (with gifted cherry tomatoes and lettuce that I bought)
husband cooks
  • lentil and rice curried casserole
  • chutney on the side
  • watermelon, grapes and cherry tomatoes (all gifted to us)
  • ham, egg and bread strata (from freezer)
  • leftover curry/rice/lentil casserole, with choice of leftover pot roast gravy or chutney
  • green salad
  • bananas
  • lentil and ham soup from the freezer
  • bread and butter
  • bananas
  • cole slaw

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I used the clearance sugar cookie dough from after Christmas (55 cents/package) and some clearance green sugar crystals from after Christmas several years ago, and made some treats for us yesterday. I ate way too many myself! But they were pretty good.

This was a clean out the refrigerator week for us. On Wednesday, I used up some lingering rhubarb sauce, cranberry sauce and orange juice in a smoothie. I discovered that the curried lentil and rice casserole was delicious with pot roast gravy at lunch, one day, so I offered that with a dinner one night. Today, I will use up the various non-sweet liquids in the fridge, along with the last of one bundle of limp celery, in a large pot of soup.

Another busy weekend coming up for me. I hope that you have a great weekend!


  1. Your menus are always so creative and appetizing. This also motivates me to do the same. I seem to always be using up bits and pieces or serving something in a recreated form. I am so thankful to have enough around to be able to do that. I am concentrating on using up freezer and home canned items as soon new things will be planted or trees bearing...I can't wait. Here in the Midwest the winter was very mold until about 10 days ago.... fruit trees budded out... way too early. Now those are all nipped. So, we shall see how that all plays out.
    I also love how you use up food from volunteer events. I abhor food waste... and that helps insure food gets used.
    I daily read your blog... rarely comment.... but so appreciate your sharing and wonderful blog. Blessings to you and feel like a dear friend!

    1. Hi Linda,
      Thank you. That is such a sweet thing to say.

      Part of my own frugality stems from a desire to avoid waste. I abhor it, too. Perhaps that is something instilled in me as a child (you know, the clean your plate generation), or perhaps it's remembering a time (though it was brief) when I didn't have enough food. In any case, I really dislike wasting food. So I am absolutely so happy to use the leftovers from the events where I serve.

      I hope that not all of the fruit crop was damaged with the late frost. That happens here, some years too, and it's always such a disappointment. I just hope that not all was lost in your area.

      Have a wonderful weekend, Linda!

  2. Your cookies are so festive! I think my husband will make corned beef & cabbage on Sunday (my daughter's friend is spending the night tonight and I'm not sure she would like a traditional Irish meal, but we aren't particular about celebrating "the day of"). We had a fun evening last night--went to a free Irish music concert (amazingly, we had the night free!). That was our big St. Patty's Day event.

    My mom gave me some frozen rhubarb, so I made rhubarb/blueberry sauce last night. SO good. I was inspired to eat rhubarb by you!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    1. Hi Kris,
      Today is also my two daughters' birthday. As corned beef and cabbage is not quite the child "hit", we've only had corned beef for St. Patrick's Day one year, in the last 22. So, we'll skip it again this year. That Irish concert sounds really fun and festive, Kris! What a fun evening! I'll be working at a luncheon tomorrow, and I hear there will be an Irish bagpiper. I'll be in the kitchen most of the time, but I'll try to sneak out to watch the bagpiper play.

      Your rhubarb and blueberry sauce sounds yummy! I have several blueberry bushes, but none really produce in abundance, so those blueberries are savored fresh, just as they are. I may buy some extra blueberries this year, if I can fin a good price.

      Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, too, Kris!

  3. I'm having a most difficult time adjusting to having hubby home at 5:30 every night. I'm not home until 4:30 and I just can't seem to get dinner ready by the time he is home. He used to get home at 7:30.
    Sunday we had chicken pot pie and salad
    Monday leftover pot pie
    Tuesday chicken enchiladas
    Wed. leftover chicken enchiladas
    Thurs. homemade taco hamburger helper (very good)
    Friday unsure
    Today (Friday) I'm bring youngest daughter to the airport since she spending spring break with friends of ours in Florida. Our son will come home sometime this afternoon for his spring break. We'll have to think of something for dinner when everyone is home. I think there is enough beef taco hamburger helper leftover.

    I need a few things from Aldi. I compared prices at Aldi versus Meijer and it is way cheaper at Aldi. I can't get everything there but much of the groceries I can.


    1. Hi Alice,
      That does sound like a difficult adjustment. It doesn't allow any time to just sit down, yourself when you get home. Your meals all sound delicious, though. Will it be a full household for the next week? Or will it just be your son who is home all week?

      Have a great weekend, Alice!

    2. Just our son. so only three of us all week though hubby and I both work days. He can polish his resume and interview skills. I want him to clean out a closet and some drawers and get rid of old broken t-shirts and socks and bags of junk. He will be a working professional after he graduates in 8 weeks so I want a clean closet/dresser to start him off.
      Maybe he can cook our meals too! How nice that would be to come home to dinner ready on the table?!


  4. I see you that your husband's suppers are getting more and more involved. Is he starting to like his cooking night?

    1. Hi live and learn,
      I don't think he is exactly enjoying cooking. The one night, I had some beef that needed cooking, so I told him how to pot roast it. It turned out good.

  5. Your St. Patrick's Day cookies look so cute. Great way to save money on them. I hope you had a nice day. I was able to work, so I'm grateful for that. No one pinched me either and I wasn't wearing any green. LOL

    1. Thank you, Belinda!
      I was telling my daughters that I remembered when St Patrick's Day was mostly about wearing green, getting pinched if you didn't, and maybe some shamrock cookies. There wasn't all of the partying/bar hopping that I hear about now. Things have changed.
      Have a great week, Belinda!


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