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Friday, December 8, 2017

Cheap & Cheerful for a Chilly Week

turkey-vegetable soup

bean, rice and cheese burritos

spaghetti and meatballs
green beans
garlic bread

scrambled eggs
smashed potatoes
cole slaw
baked squash

lentil, sausage, and vegetable soup
Yorkshire pudding

fried rice with veggies, tofu, egg, and potstickers
canned pineapple slices

I hope everyone had a wonderful week. We've been trying to get into the Christmas spirit. Last Sunday we went to a concert of carols which was lovely. One daughter narrated. The rest of the week has been a bit harried and anxiety-provoking. Seeking help for a family member. Keep us in your prayers, if you can.

Have a terrific weekend!


  1. Your family will definitely be in my prayers! I am enclosing a big hug for you.
    Your meals sound usual. You are truly amazing always putting a nutritious meal on the table no matter what!

  2. Hi Lili,

    Hope your weekend goes better.

    Your meals look wonderful. Our week was a flurry and I can't remember what we ate all week.

    I know we had delicious chicken enchiladas, tater tot casserole and bourbon chicken over brown rice, soup but the rest of the week is forgotten. I know they were good but since my son takes all the leftovers for lunch there rarely is anything left. I'm barely keeping up. And I'm still doing all food from scratch. I really am trying to stay away from prepackaged stuff though I'm not against it at this point in my life. I do use turkey loaf in the aluminum pan, hamburger helper and boxes of scalloped potatoes in a pinch.

    Will keep you and your family in my prayer.

    I'm trying also to get into the Christmas spirit. I found the old Walton's episode on youtube about the first Christmas show with Patricia O'Neil as the mother. Soon we will watch Christmas with the Cranks and the Santa Clause. I always try to watch one on the first snowfall. That was yesterday but I was too busy so I'm glad I watched the Walton's the day before.


  3. Sending prayers and good thoughts to all of you.

  4. Prayers across the miles, Lili.

  5. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way. Hope things get better soon.

  6. Sending my thoughts and prayers, too.

    Your meals were good, comfort food!!

    Hope you have a good weekend,


  7. Thank you, all, for your prayers and well wishes. We're narrowing down the possibilities for care. Another long afternoon in a waiting room today. Life is stressful sometimes. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Sorry to hear about your family member's problem. Know that you are prayed for. Hoping you get some physical and emotional rest soon.

  9. Sending good wishes for your family, Lili.

    Thank you for the Lentil soup recipe. I made it this afternoon using up a couple of sad carrots, some cut up leeks,l/o tomato and some kielbasa from the freezer. Added beef bouillon, garlic,bay leaves, s&p etc. Just for me and leftovers for a couple of extra meals. Tasted wonderful! Shirley near Seattle


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