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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Filling the Tins: Drinking Chocolate Mix

I took the easy way out on this one. I bought Nesquik in single serve packets. It is pre-measured for both the cocoa and sugar, and the cocoa in Nesquik does not clump at the bottom of the mug the way baking cocoa does. Other than the Nesquik, I used powdered instant milk, powdered non-dairy creamer, chocolate chips, and mini marshmallows, all of which I had on hand for our own cocoa mix in a jar. The Nesquik came from Dollar Tree. These cute cellophane cones were in my stash from a previous year.

The total hands on time was about 15-20 minutes, and my cost (including ingredients that I had on hand) was about $1.70 for two cones, each making 12 ounces of rich drinking chocolate.

I like the layered look, so I made up each cone separately. Working with the cone in a drinking glass (to keep it upright), I first scooped in 1/3 cup of instant milk. On top of that, I added 2 tablespoons of non-dairy coffee creamer. Then, I poured in a packet of Nesquik.

I chopped 3 tablespoons of semi-sweet chocolate chips for each cone, spooning in on top of the Nesquik.

I wrapped about 1/3 cup of mini marshmallows in a piece of plastic wrap and placed on top of the drinking chocolate mix. These cones are secured with a twist tie.

My goal with the tins is to average about $2.00 to $2.50 per each tin. So far, I'm under that goal, leaving some extra in the budget for tomorrow's tin. 

Cocoa mix in a jar or baggie is a great last-minute gift idea or stocking stuffer that doesn't take much time or expertise. 


  1. So cute! Where did you purchase the plastic cones? I don't think I've ever seen them.

    1. Kris, I got them at Michael's Crafts a couple of years ago, on clearance. They were in with the holiday baking/cake decorating supplies.
      How did your spiced nuts turn out? I should have mentioned that I stir them about 45 minutes into baking. I just pulled a batch out of the oven and am waiting for them to cool a bit. Then, I'll transfer them to a sheet of waxed paper to fully cool and break any clusters apart.

    2. Thanks for the tip about Michael's.

      The nuts turned out great! My husband is threatening to steal them all for himself, so I know that they are a winner. I made a double batch and alternated the pan's placement in the oven about 45 minutes through. When I got them out, I was afraid they would "glue" themselves to the baking pan so I transferred them to a plastic tray and it all worked out great.

      I felt like yesterday was "Lili's recipes" day. Besides the nuts, I made pizza with your dough recipe. I can count on you for good recipes!

    3. I'm so glad that you and your husband like the nuts. I think they're great. With the batch that I made yesterday, I need to fill one tin and then decide if I want to have the rest for snacking in the days before Christmas, just after, or for New Year's Eve.

      I love that pizza dough recipe. It's so simple that I've got it memorized. Plus, it always turns out.

  2. These will make wonderful gifts, Lili.


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