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Monday, February 25, 2019

How Serendipitous!

About a year ago, I found this Spode cup at Goodwill for $1.99. Then last weekend, I found the saucer at Value Village for $1.99. A matching cup and saucer for $3.98! These pieces in this pattern sell for a minimum of $10.00 on ebay. I'm pretty certain that I could get $10.00 for the pair at a garage sale in my area. But I won't sell them, at least not yet. I'll get some enjoyment from the pair for a little while. I love treasure hunting at thrift stores. I find the loveliest items for a fraction of what similar pieces would cost if new!


  1. What a beautiful pattern! I love teacups. You can share a cup of tea with a friend!

    1. Hi Kris,
      I love teacups, too. I hope that my daughters do, too, as I'll be passing these on to them.

  2. Wow, that's incredible, finding matching pieces! Score! It's a pretty pattern. I love drinking tea with "fancy" cups, it's it an "awe" feeling.


    1. Hi Shelby,
      when I saw the saucer, I could scarcely believe my good fortune. The cashier said what a shame that I only found a saucer, then I told her that I had just a year before found only the teacup. I agree with the feeling when using a nice cup for my tea instead of one of the more ordinary mugs.

  3. A very pretty set. You never know where you're going to find treasure during your treasure hunt. And it's so exciting when you find some.

    1. Hi live and learn,
      finding something special does make up for all of the trips to the thrift store where I didn't find anything.


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