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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Turning Used Canning Jar Lids/Rings into Storage Jar Lids

You know this, right? For dry storage, you can hot glue canning jar lids and rings together to make lids for storage jars and canisters.

I found that this works best when I apply the hot glue to the lid edge (as opposed to the inside of the ring). I can get the glue on faster and press the lid into the ring before the glue sets up. I allow the glue to firm up for a couple of hours before using the "new" one-piece lid. The great thing is I used pieces that might otherwise end up in the garbage. The lid has been used in canning, while the ring is showing some rust inside.

This is the lid to my new coffee canister. I'll be spray painting the lid and attaching a knob later this week.


  1. Interesting. I have never thought about gluing the rings and lids together. I just use them as is. This probably comes from doing a LOT of canning growing up and you always saved any ring, because even with a lot of rust, they could be used for canning. That is so ingrained in my mind, I don't think of them any other way.

    1. Hi live and learn,
      Oh, now that's a different perspective. My mom didn't do much canning at all, only some jam every year, and she didn't use lids but used wax. Rusted rings is one of those things that bothers me about canning. There are some stainless steel rings on the market, but they're kind of pricey.

  2. Lili and Live and Learn--

    L&L's comment was going to be mine, too. Is there a reason why it's better to have the lid and ring glued together, besides convenience (and being able to add a cute knob)?

    I just wash and save every lid and ring, except ones that are really dented or are rusty, figuring that even if they were used for canning so the rubber's not perfect, they seal well enough turned-tight for leftovers, freezing, and pantry storage.

    But if there's a benefit I'm missing about gluing them together, I could certainly start doing that. :) :) :)

    Take care, Everybody! Sara

    1. Hi Sara,
      For a canning jar that I'm turning into a permanent storage container I prefer to have the lid and ring attached. I find there to be something clumsy about having a two-piece lid. I prefer the ease of one-piece. Less to drop and clatter when I'm getting something in the kitchen. But also, this is for one of a set of decorative canisters to keep on the counter top. For lids and rings that I do plan on reusing for canning, I do keep them separated.

    2. Hi, Sweetie!
      I thought that was what you were talking about, because you told us about your coffee canister (and maybe showed us one for cereal or something?) I agree, if it's going to be used for the same thing all the time -- and especially if it's going to be PRETTY! :) -- a single lid does seem much more practical and convenient.
      I was just wondering if there was any other benefit I hadn't thought of. Since we have a huge pantry here, I don't need to have much on the counters, but in our next house, I'll have to remember this good way to make visible storage more attractive!

      PS... MAN, the "I'm not a robot" is hard today... or I'm lamer than usual. LOL

    3. Hi Sara,
      A lot of canners that I know buy the plastic one-piece lids to use for storage containers or once a jar is opened. Craft stores sell painted (all black) one-piece metal lids, and I guess I was just pointing out that one can turn a used two-piece lid into a nice-looking one-piece lid. My painted lid turned out nicely. I have a small amount of black spray paint, so used that. I'll post a pic later today.

  3. I also wonder about the benefit of gluing them together. It seems more practical to have the ring available for other lids in the future.

    I use peanut butter jar or mayonnaise lids and the red or green lid from parmesan cheese as a cap for canning jars. I even fashioned a pour spout from a cannister of iodized salt and cut it out to fit a canning ring so now I have a pour spout for things I purchase in bulk.


    1. Alice--

      I LOVE this salt dispenser idea! :)


    2. Hi Alice,
      I've seen the salt container hack and it looks like such a great idea for pourable storage.
      Like I said above, I just prefer a one-piece lid for a long-term, dedicated storage container. Like the ease of slip-on shoes vs. lace-up shoes. I have lots of rusty rings and used lids that I don't think I'll use them up any time soon.

    3. We actually cleaned rust if it got very bad so we could use the rings.

    4. I've wiped off rust from some not too rusty rings. But I suppose that I'm more inclined to not want to use those ones and favor the newer ones in my assortment of supplies. Perhaps that's not as frugal, but just my personal preference.


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