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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

A Leap Month of Little Joys and Satisfactions: Our Valentine's Bush

Here's a little something that has been bringing a lot of joy to us over the past few weeks. This is our Valentine's bush. It was our Halloween bush (with orange and green lights), then our Christmas bush (with red, green, and white lights), and now it's our Valentine's bush (with red and white lights).

We all find it very cheery to come home to each night. It may even become our 4th of July bush, with the addition of a few blue lights.

Just a fun thing that cost me nothing, using what we had in the attic. Once the light strand was in place, the only work has been replacing the colored bulbs. Not too bad for  some fun.


  1. It gets dark so early these days, I'm sure the cheery bush is a welcome sight. You had mentioned that you always wanted to do holiday lights throughout the year and you have made it happen. Good for you.

  2. Aw, cute idea! Sounds like a great way to bring some pleasure to everyday life!

  3. Very clever - you should put the green ones back on for St. Patrick's Day!


  4. I like your idea a lot. We have a pretty Dutch lace valance hanging in most of our living room windows. On the big bay window curtain I put clear white lights that I have on a timer so every evening they turn on for 4 hours or so and every morning they turn on for 3 hours or so. I have them hanging in the curtains all year round. I used to use the icicle lights but they burned out during the summer so I bought summer umbrella lights. I now have a stash of extra Christmas white lights stored away in case they burn out. People often comment that I have my Christmas lights on all year round. No, they are just white lights. I love them.


  5. Our across-the-street neighbor used to do a similar thing with her giant pine tree, but now she A) goes to Florida every winter and B) the tree had to be cut down, so we no longer get to admire the lights. I love lights, especially in the dreary winter days. I have noticed a lot of people in my area have some form of outdoor lights on throughout the winter, so hopefully it will become a wider-spread "thing"!

    I have a string of glimmer lights that I have been keeping up on my fireplace mantel--I just change out a few decorating details for autumn vs Christmas vs winter. I have been pleased at how long the batteries are lasting! We have had a lot of gloomy weather this winter and it cheers me up to turn them on.

  6. How lovely! I agree with Shelby, green lights would be perfect for St. Patrick's Day!

    I want a grapevine tree for my front porch. I've been looking at thrift shops and yard sales. I think with white lights, it would be so cheery on my front porch after Christmas. Like Kris, I think the lights bring cheer to a gloomy time of year.


  7. That sounds so pretty, Alice! One of our neighbors has indoor tiny white lights throughout the year, and it looks so cheery. Smart thinking to use a timer.

  8. Hi Kris,
    your mantel glimmer lights sound like just the thing for a dreary winter. Something so simple can bring a spark of joy!

  9. Hi Shelby,
    I think I will do that! St. Patrick's Day lights sound like a fun idea! Thank you!

  10. Hi Angie,
    I had to google "grapevine tree." I'd not heard of them before. These look like they'd be very fun with tiny white lights. I wish you lived near me -- I have grapevines that I prune each year, a lot. Some years, I've made wreathes with some of the pruned vines. I hope you find your tree! I agree, with such a gloomy time of year, a little brightness in the form of lights is very cheery.

  11. Well, I forgot to mention that we also have a three season porch and in the summer I hang similar lights from the center beam which is also on a timer. We can sit out there on the futon, lazy boy, or rocking chair to read or work on computers or we sit at the round table to play games. That string of lights is so nice in the summer to light the porch up!

    We also eat our meals out there a lot if the weather isn't too hot. That porch gets very, very warm in the summer with not much breeze. We like it a lot.



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