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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

A Leap Month of Little Joys and Satisfactions: Savory, Cheesy Cornbread

1 diced bell pepper, 1 drained can of corn, 1 teaspoon onion powder, 1 teaspoon chili powder, and a pinch of red pepper flakes mixed with ordinary cornbread batter (to which I used about half the usual sugar and reduced the liquids by about 1/8 cup), then topped with cheddar cheese just before baking.

Very tasty! A nice change from the usual cornbread that I serve with chili. The bonus -- I used my last wrinkly green pepper bought on markdown last Tuesday.


  1. Now that you mention it, cornbread is a good place to add a lot of different things--especially wrinkly green peppers. :) I just made a tamale pie of sorts with cornbread, hamburger, cheese and enchilada sauce. A big hit with everyone. That used up a cornbread mix that had been in the pantry forever.

  2. I'm going to make cornbread tonight just because you mentioned it! Mine will have no corn or peppers just plain due to dietary needs. And I have a big pot of taco soup to go with it!

    Thanks for a great dinner idea!


    P.S. I'm going to make an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie bar for the men since they deserve a sweet treat once in a while. We'll freeze them so they can have dessert whenever they want them!

  3. That looks delicious! I'll try it sometime.


  4. Gourmet cornbread! Yum! I'm afraid to try this as my family might never again want to go back to plain cornbread. :)

  5. Hi Live and Learn,
    I love tamale pie! I can imagine how that would go over very, very well. Yum!

  6. Hi Alice,
    that's a really good idea to freeze some of the cookies that you make. They'll be there if someone wants one, but not so tempting all of the time or won't go stale if they don't get eaten soon.
    The taco soup and cornbread sounds very tasty! What do you put in your taco soup?

  7. Thank's Angie. I was really pleased with how good it tasted. I'm not usually a big cornbread fan, but make it cuz others in the family like it. This I did like a lot.

  8. Hi Kris,
    I feel that way about my own self. As I said to Angie, I'm not a huge cornbread fan, but this was very good! I do like cornbread on tamale pie, as Live and Learn made recently.

  9. My taco soup was filled with tomato puree, corn black beans, taco seasoning and I used turkey meat from our Christmas turkey. Then there was onion, green pepper and I pressure cooked it. The recipe didn't call for any other liquid so it was a thick soup, almost like a chili but it was so good with a dollop of sour cream and a sprinkle of shredded cheddar cheese.


  10. That sounds delicious, Alice. Thank you so much for sharing how you made it! Definitely going on my list!


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