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Sunday, February 16, 2020

A Leap Month of Little Joys and Satisfactions: Bringing Treats to Coffee Hour

This morning, I have coffee hour duty at our church. I think I mentioned that I would be using the mixed nuts and dipping chocolate that I found on post-holiday clearance to make some treats. I made these Saturday afternoon.

I found these mini muffin liners in the cupboard while cleaning and thought they'd do well for the candies. One 10-oz can of mixed nuts and about 10 to 12 oz of dipping chocolate made 28 good-sized nut clusters. For the rest of my treats, I'll be bringing cheese cubes. Easy to do and something that isn't sweet.

I had an, um, audience while I was making the nut clusters, family members waiting for scraps. I must admit, the nut clusters were both incredibly easy to make and tasty to sample.


  1. I bet the nut clusters will be the first to go at coffee hour. They look so good.

  2. Another idea for after church might be cake mix biscotti. Easy and inexpensive.

  3. Chocolate and nuts--what's not to love?! I'm glad to see you had your quality control team available to help make sure you were sending out a good product! ;)

  4. Hi Live and Learn,
    The cheese cubes were the first to go this morning, then the chocolate nut clusters. We had loads of cupcakes and cookies, so the different items seem enticing simply by contrast. But, I will say, the nut clusters were great! I had to sample on myself, you know!

  5. Hi Frugal in the USA,
    I've never made cake mix biscotti. What's the method for making a mix into biscotti? This sounds like such an easy coffee treat.

  6. Hi Kris,
    Yep, gotta have some quality control. Otherwise, I could be sending some completely inedible product out there! Can't have that!

  7. Thanks, Lona! They were good, and easy, too!


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