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Monday, February 17, 2020

A Leap Month of Little Joys and Satisfactions: Gifted with a Lot of Chocolate and Love

For Valentine's Day, I was gifted with a lot of chocolate and many Valentine's wishes! What I appreciate about these gifts and cards/ecards is the love behind them. Knowing that someone loves me is the greatest earthly gift I could receive.

I hope everyone here was blessed by love in any sort of way on Valentine's Day.


  1. Chocolate sounds like a delicious Valentine's treat! How did your daughters enjoy their surprises?

    My husband gave me tulips with red and yellow in them,so there is a little spring color in my living room right now!

  2. We were not supposed to ever give gifts because we have too many bills but that rule was broken this weekend. Husband gave me flowers and an electric throw blanket. I gave him a brand new bath towel. We have not replaced towels except once in our 30+ years of marriage. All our towels are thread bare and I need to replace them all. But we purchased new ones for ourselves and I bought my son two of them with a hand towel. He has used terribly old ones as well and now he's using thread bare beach towels. We'll keep the old towels to clean up messes.

    I made my youngest daughter an apron in red and my oldest daughter didn't get anything from us but she received plenty from her students.


  3. Hi Kris,
    They really enjoyed the gifts, which of course pleases me. Tulips., how very lovely! Enjoy your bit of early spring!

  4. Hi Alice,
    the gifts that your family exchanged sound perfectly suited for each. Yes, those old towels will be quite useful for messes or washing a car. I love the sound of that red apron! Very cute idea for Valentine's Day.


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