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Thursday, February 20, 2020

A Leap Month of Little Joys and Satisfactions: It Feels Like Spring, Plus Free Coffee Grounds for the Garden

Another sunny day, here. My tiny potted primrose that I brought in from the deck almost 3 weeks ago is doing well in the window. 

The rhubarb is up.

When grocery shopping, I approached the Starbuck's kiosk and asked if they had any used coffee grounds for gardeners. The gal pointed to a basket of these free "silver bullets." Coffee grounds can be incorporated into garden soil or added to composting material. The used grounds have little in the way of nutrients for the garden, but are good at aerating soil if stirred in. Here's a quickie article from Oregon State University on what used coffee grounds can and cannot do for your soil. I'll be stirring these used coffee grounds into the nitrogen-fortified soil that I'm preparing for transplanted blueberry bushes. 

Spring is such a happy time of year for me. Fat little robins, spring blossoms, longer days -- what's not to love?!


  1. Oh, it's minus 9 as I write this. Hurry up spring!

    Midwest Gal

  2. I love primroses, but have never gotten one to survive. Thanks for sharing yours.

  3. Oh, rhubarb! Yum! I can't wait for some.

    I'll have to read about coffee grounds in the garden. I throw some coffee grounds out every day, maybe I can use some in my garden.


  4. While I'm grateful for the increased sunshine we have had this week, I confess I'm a little jealous that spring is coming to your neck of the woods. I'll just have to enjoy it vicariously through you.

    In response to your previous comment, Lili, I'm glad you have found a PBS show you enjoy! I tried to watch Sanditon but just couldn't get into it. However, there is a new adaptation of Emma coming to movie theaters soon and I might try to use my freebie movie tickets on that.

  5. Lili, et al--

    We've read similar things about coffee grounds in composting/gardening. Any of you who have someone working in an office or other situation with a coffee machine, you might be able to get lots for free. We aren't composting right now, but when we were, my husband used to bring home free coffee grounds all the time from his work. No one missed them, and they were great for our garden.

    Fabulously warm and dry weather here for now, but is SHOULD be rain/snow, so it's hard to celebrate. We'll need the moisture later. Thanks, Lili, for sharing your spring. We're probably a couple of months away here.

    Have a great day, everybody! Sara

  6. It's chilly here and supposed to begin snowing any time now, but the longer days and any day with abundant sunshine shows us that spring IS approaching.

    My mom used to always save my dad's coffee grounds and put them around her rose bushes. Thanks for prompting that memory! I still miss them both every day.

    Thank you for all the lovely daily posts you've been making this month. I've really been enjoying them!

    Jo Ann

  7. Midwest Gal, I wish I could send you some warmer temperatures! 9 degrees sounds so chilly! Stay warm this weekend.

  8. Hi Live and Learn,
    There are so many flowers and trees that don't do well in my area. Like you, I just try to admire the photos of what others can grow and celebrate what does grow well in my area. I'll share all the primrose photos anyone could want to see!

  9. Hi Angie,
    I know what you mean about rhubarb -- I can't wait for it to be ready this year. I have so many recipes and ideas I want to try!
    I hope the brief article on coffee grounds provides something of value to you.

  10. Hi Kris,
    Spring is a slow season, here. It seems to begin early, but then it takes forever to get to the really comfortably warm temps. But I'll take what I can get.
    I understand what you mean about not getting into a show. I don't remember the title, but there was another PBS show airing about the same time that I tried to watch the first episode, and it looked like something I might like, but it just didn't interest me enough to even finish that first episode. I'll look for the new adaptation of Emma, though. Thank you for mentioning it. I'm a big Jane Austen fan.

  11. Hi Sara,
    Very good suggestion. So many offices just throw out the used grounds. I'll have to mention this to my husband. Maybe he can place a container next to the coffee maker, with a little note to dump grounds there so they can be used in a garden. Thank you!
    I haven't checked to see where our area is for snowpack this year. But I know your area has suffered drought for so many years and is desperate for that precipitation.
    We're not out of the woods, so to speak, with regards to snow and cold weather, here. But I'm enjoying what I can right now.

  12. Hi Jo Ann,
    Thank you for your kind words. I've been enjoying this month -- finding those little blessings in life that I so often take for granted.
    I hope your new snow doesn't stick around for long!


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