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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

A Leap Month of Little Joys and Satisfactions: A Hot Cup of Tea and PJs at the End of a Cold Day

I was outdoors for a good chunk of yesterday, accompanying my daughter to a small artsy town nearby, where she met with gallery owners to discuss business. While she met with owners, I sat on benches, popped into shops, and walked in the park. 

The daytime high temp was around 47 F. I was dressed for cold weather, but the wind was cutting right through my coat sleeves. It was a good day and well-worth the time outdoors, but by late-afternoon I was chilled to the bone. Perhaps you can imagine how welcome a hot cup of tea and a pair of cozy flannel pajamas felt in those moments once we walked back into our warm home. Sometimes, it's the truly simple things that bring me great joy.


  1. A lot of times, I don't think it's the temperature so much as the wind. Warm pajamas and a hot drink after a cold day sound perfect.

  2. How brave--I'm guessing you were outside most of the time. We're supposed to get a "warm-up" this weekend hitting mid-40s. Sounds good to me!


  3. Hi, Lili--

    Glad that your outing with DD went well, if chilly. I'm sure it was wonderful to get home and comfy.

    One of my daily gratitude things is a hot shower. We've never had much trouble with hot water anywhere we've lived, though our new house, you do notice if someone runs water or flushes a toilet while you're showering. But for some reason, every time I step into a hot shower, I think about what a blessing it is. Ahhhhhhh... such a blessing!

    Hope today's a good day for everybody! Sara :)

  4. I can relate. My favorite evenings are those when I get into my warm pjs about 8 (or earlier if I can!) and sit and read or watch something on TV with my son and husband. I'm such a homebody - especially when the temperatures are low.

  5. I agree with L&L--it's it's windy and/or damp out, I get more chilled than I do just with low temperatures. Hopefully you also had a good book on hand to go with your jammies and tea!

  6. Hi Live and Learn,
    It was definitely the wind, yesterday. When I found a bench in the sun, I was warm when the wind was calm. But as soon as the wind picked up it felt brutal. Although I dressed for temps in the 40s, I was not dressed for wind. Now I know better for next time, let's hope.

  7. Hi Alice,
    I was outside enough of the time for it to have an all-day effect on me. But then, I'ma weather wimp. I sure hope that warming up to 40s feels better to you than it did for me!!!

  8. Hi Sara,
    Oh, I so agree with you on how wonderful a hot shower is. We've had enough water outages or water heater outages to really appreciate both running water and heated water. I also count my blessings that I live in a time with instant-on stoves and ovens, and washing machines and dishwashers. While I could survive living in the 19th century, I think a lot of my time would be spent on managing the various kitchen and scullery activities.

  9. Hi ruthie,
    Oh, that sounds like me! Getting my pjs on early is such a treat. It's cozy and comforting.

  10. Hi Kris,
    Yes, damp can be bad, too. I have a very narrow window of what feels comfortable when it comes to temperatures, wind level, and humidity/dampness.
    I watched a show on PBS with my tea. I'm watching Sanditon, the Jane Austen unfinished novel. I really love it, but then, I'm a hopeless romantic!


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