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Sunday, February 9, 2020

A Leap Month of Little Joys and Satisfactions: Crafting Hanging Heart Earrings

I made two pairs of hanging heart earrings yesterday. These were on the easy side to make, taking about 1 hour or so to make 2 pairs. They're for a couple of young girls that I know, so I made the hearts very small. I love how they turned out and am also pleased that they used some of the surplus supplies that I have from the fall.


  1. Lily your jewelry making ability is really fine. The heart earrings are lovely.

  2. These are so cute. You are really talented in the crafting of jewelry. I took a class a long time ago (15 yrs). Then, I made some jewelry using sea glass I picked up here on our beach as gifts. But then life happened and I haven't done anything with the tools or materials since then. I've forgotten everything I might have learned, but figure that now there are probably Youtube videos that could job my memory. (It's so nice that people are willing to share their skills for free!) Maybe I'll get back to this (and other hobbies) whenever I retire!

  3. There will be two very happy girls who will receive beautiful earrings! I love dangly earrings (probably because my ears were not evenly pierced and it's much more obvious when I wear studs--so dangles, it is!).

  4. Hi Lynn,
    Oh, working with sea glass. That sounds so pretty. You're right, there are a lot of youtube videos out there for inspiration.

  5. Thank you, Kris. I showed both of my daughters and they thought the 2 young girls would love these. so, I hope that is a good sign.
    I have one piercing that looks lower than the other, too. I hadn't thought to stick with dangling earrings but that's good advice.

  6. Lovely! Great job!



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