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Monday, February 10, 2020

A Leap Month of Little Joys and Satisfactions: Accepting That Which I've Been Provided

We often don't get to choose how, when, what, and from where our provisions come into our lives. Sometimes, the answer to our needs just "shows up." This might not always be what I want, but I am learning to accept that which I've been given.

the kale is putting on new leaves

In all honesty, I would rather be dining on asparagus, artichokes, mushrooms, and berries. But I've been provided with kale, watercress, sorrel, and radish greens.

several watercress plants are ready to harvest

Despite some chilly weather in the last month and a half, our garden is once again showing signs of life and provision for my family's nutritional needs. I believe in a divine plan for all of my life, and the provision of these greens must fall into that plan in a way that I cannot see. 

radish greens survived freezing temps

So, I have to check myself against grumbling that I don't live where my favored vegetables and fruits would be in season and learn to accept the blessing of this provision, a blessing which brings me joy.

the chives are now up


  1. What a beautiful reminder for all areas in our lives! I more often need to remember to open my eyes, embrace my blessings and give thanks!

  2. Be thankful for what we have. Great words to live by.

    Living in a place that definitely has seasonal foods, I think it's good not to have them (or at least tasty ones) all the time. That makes them so much more special when we do have them.

  3. It's a blessing to have that produce now! I was thinking along the same lines as I made a pumpkin pie for our family this weekend. It was delicious, and even nutritious. Not as exciting as the first pumpkin pie of the fall, but good.

    I find myself thinking of the coming growing season. I'm really excited for rhubarb this year, I love the sweet and tangy goods I can bake with it.


  4. So true! As always, I'm a bit envious that you are getting some garden produce at this time of year--I start getting weary of root vegetables around February (but am grateful for them as they are inexpensive!).

  5. So true. I have to choose being thankful. Most times I want to grumble and complain and then I remember that this is a season and that I must be thankful for all things. Dirty dishes, dirty laundry, dirty floors all have to be cleaned. I am thankful for the food on the dishes, clothes for wearing, and a nice warm home with a floor. Thankfulness definitely changes your perspective. Thank you Lili!


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