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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Homemade Easter Treats: Candy Bird Nests

Making nests, using Wilton pink melting chips (like white chocolate but already colored), coconut, Crisco shortening, and jelly beans.

You can also make these with chocolate chips and coconut. Here's a chocolate version that I made a couple of years ago.


  1. Those are so cute! I'm sure they'll look lovely on your Easter table.

  2. Very cute. I have some coconut in the freezer. No jelly beans, but I will figure something out.

  3. My daughter and I would love these! My husband and son don't like coconut--seems like a lot of men I know don't like it. Texture?

    I feel like a frugal rock star today. I cleaned out the freezer above my fridge earlier this week and found a mysterious pack of what I thought was chicken (and was freezer-burned) as well as some old, cheap bread. I'm making chicken broth in the crockpot (it WAS chicken!) and I made croutons out of the bread. We had a snow squall a little while ago (boo) so cooking seems to be a good indoor activity.

    I made bunnies for my niece's kids out of knitted squares last week. My daughter really liked them so I'm trying to sneakily knit her one for her Easter basket. It's a little tricky to hide these kinds of activities since all of us are around each other so much these days, but I think I can pull it off.

  4. Hi lili,
    It is Patti from San Diego. I have been praying for and and,your family and Seattle. How are you? We have intermittent internet.Today it seems to be working.I hope your husband still has work and is staying safe. Are your girls working? Kristi is a wedding planner however that entire industry has closed. :(
    Kristi has gone to work for an ER doctor and a oncology nurse. This keeps me praying for her safety. Happy Easter! Thank you for the idea about the Easter nests. I have chocolate chips and I believe malted eggs from an after Easter sale.
    Sending big ((((hugs))))

  5. I love reading about the clever holiday treats and gifts you come up with. Your resourcefulness is unmatched. I love the bird's nest idea - and I love coconut. Happy Easter Lili!

  6. Thanks for the encouragement, everyone. They went over well, I think.

  7. Hi Patti! I was thinking about you a week ago and hoping all was well with you and Kristi. Thank you for your prayers for us. My husband is able to work from home. My daughters both lost their jobs for the school year (substitute teachers). That's a shame for Kristi's job. Hopefully when the virus is under control she'll be able to return to that field. I'll say a prayer for her safety in her new job. I can imagine how scary that must be for you.
    I hope the two of you had a nice Easter yesterday. Take good care of yourself and "drop in" when you can. (I understand wonky internet access.)


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