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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Some Vegetable Garden Updates

A salad spinner full of over-wintered kale to use in tonight's dinner. Still lots of kale, chives, watercress, and sorrel growing in the garden. I also spied some Swiss chard about to come back from fall planting in one of the beds. This time of year there are lots of greens.

These are my 6 baby tomato plants that I started from old seeds about the first of March. There were a couple of weeks where the plants didn't look very healthy. I moved them to the center of my light fixture and they seemed to perk up quite a bit.

Baby Romaine lettuce plants. I'm hoping they'll be ready to transplant around May 1. That would give us salads by early June.

I check on the rhubarb every day. The stalks seem to grow about 1/2 to 1 inch per day this time of year. I think I'l be able to pick enough for a pie for my husband's birthday around the 20th.


  1. Your plants all look so healthy! My overwintered kale is blooming, but thankfully, am able to harvest spinach, Swiss chard, and sorrel now. My lettuce is almost ready for harvest but I don't have nearly enough planted. We've been eating our asparagus, too. I think my son has harvested and eaten most of the overwintered carrots, too.

    The peach trees finished blooming a couple weeks ago, and the pear trees last week. But now the apple and cherry trees are blooming, and there are tiny mulberries forming on that tree.

  2. Your plants look so good! It's the time of year when I crave fresh produce. Yesterday my son made a rock border for my husband's herb garden. He lost some herbs last year, hoping he can get new ones growing.

  3. Our soil is in such poor condition unfortunately. I think it needs rest after producing collard greens for over a year. We're now growing volunteer plants, with the exception of some seeds planted a couple weeks ago that have sprouted. Gardening is a lifesaver at times like today.

    Your garden plants look so healthy and will be a great addition to your diet soon.

    Be safe,

  4. Lili,
    Do you know the name of your rhubarb plant? I've heard that there can be a big difference in taste between the different types. Do you feel that the flavor of that type of rhubarb is good? Thank you
    Kathryn in Mountlake Terrace

  5. I am making pasta and adding some of the my kale to it for dinner tonight.

  6. Hi Cat,
    Your garden sounds wonderful! I'm envious of your asparagus. I've tried several spots in my garden and it doesn't grow well.
    Enjoy all of your produce!

  7. Hi Kris,
    what a thoughtful thing your son did, making the border for your husband's herb garden. I hope your husband can replace the plants he lost.

  8. Hi YHF,
    I love those volunteer plants! They usually give us greens earlier in the year than anything I plant in spring. Our watercress are volunteers. I let a few plants go to seed and spread themselves all over the garden.
    Stay well and safe, yourself, YHF!

  9. Hi Kathryn (neighbor),
    I am not certain, as I planted these about 20 years ago, with plants from Fred Meyer. But I want to say the variety is Crimson Red. Yes, the flavor is pleasantly tart and the stalks are juicy and crisp in spring (they get stringier in summer). We enjoy it a lot.

  10. Hi Marybeth,
    yum, pasta with kale sounds delicious. Did you make the sauce as a red sauce with kale in it, or as a white sauce with kale?


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