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Monday, November 14, 2022

My Daughter's November Cookies: A Rafter of Turkeys!

So, I turned over most of the cookie making to my daughters this fall. Last month, one daughter, Grace, made pumpkin-shaped, cut-out cookies, with orange frosting and candy corn facial features. 

This month, my other daughter, Julia, made our November cookies. She used a chocolate cut-out cookie dough and my turkey cookie cutter. I've had this cookie cutter (c. 1987) almost as long as my pumpkin-shaped one (c.1982). Some years I make gingerbread cookies in turkey shape. My daughter chose to make these cookies chocolate-flavored this year.

She also mixed up some dark chocolate frosting and a small amount of red and yellow-orange frosting. The cookie cutter makes not only the turkey outline, but also imprints some details onto the cookie dough. After frosting the baked turkeys with the dark chocolate frosting, Julia pressed the cutter gently into this frosting layer to leave an imprint of where to add details in red and yellow-orange icing.

These turned out adorably apropos for turkey month.

Just some trivia: a group of turkeys can be referred to as a flock, a gaggle, a rafter, and sometimes a gang.

Edited to add: the recipe for the cookie dough is from Sally's Baking Addiction, here. There were a couple of unfrosted cookies leftover. I had one of them and thought it was excellent. If you're looking for a chocolate cut-out cookie dough recipe, this one is good.  


  1. Aww, so cute! She did a nice job with those.

  2. Adorable cookies! But also, I love the plaid in the pic with the cookie cutter and is that brown transfer ware I spy with my little eye? I adore transfer ware and have a few pieces for our table. Have a good one,

    1. Thank you, Claire. Yes, I have a bunch of different patterns in brown transfer ware. I find a lot of them in thrift stores, but also on eBay and other secondhand sites.

  3. I think I have some autumnal cookie cutters ... hmm. For some reason, I never thought about chocolate cut-out cookies, so thanks for the idea.

    1. Hi Kris,
      The recipe in the link at the bottom of the post is very, very good.

  4. I'm wanting that chocolate frosting! That would satisfy the craving about now.

    1. Hi Alice,
      I can relate. A little chocolate frosting goes a long way with chocolate cravings.

  5. Not sure how it all works, but I had three of your posts show up today. And I don't think you posted them all on the same day. That seems to happen more with you than others. The mysteries of cyberspace. :)
    Anyway, the cookies are a lot of fun. Are they going to last until Thanksgiving?

    1. Hi Ward (is this June?),
      I've been working on this issue for the past day and a half. Apparently, I hit the right button at one point and my posts started showing up in readers shortly after. I have no idea why this happens with my blog and not as much for others. I've worked at this many, many times. It's been discouraging to the point of wanting to quit blogging. For now, I continue.
      The cookies are about 3/4 gone. So I doubt there will be any by Thanksgiving.

    2. Yes, this is June. Somehow we were logged into my husband's google account and not mine. I am often frustrated with the problems when trying to post, but I use Blogger which is free, so I figure I get what I pay for. :)


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