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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Thanksgiving Deals Are Dropping Now (plus what I'm actually going to do this year)

These are the turkey deals in my area:

  • Last week I read that Aldi was going to "rewind" the prices on Thanksgiving staples to 2019 prices. 
  • Our local Kroger affiliate, Fred Meyer, has advertised their turkey deal for this year -- free turkey with a $150 spend or 69 cents/lb with a $50 spend. 
  • Safeway (which now owns Albertsons) is offering a free 10-20 lb turkey with a $150 spend or 69 cents/lb with a $50 spend. 
  • Walmart is advertising "this year's meal at last year's price." They have Butterball whole turkeys advertised at $1.18/lb, and Jennie O whole turkeys at 98 cents/lb, no minimum spend on either. 
  • My other store is WinCo. While WinCo doesn't advertise online, The Coupon Project indicates that WinCo is offering a free turkey with a $125 spend.
What are the Thanksgiving deals in your area this year?

Now, what I'm doing about a turkey this year: 

Unless I find that I can't resist a cheap turkey, we're skipping the turkey for this year. I'll be roasting a whole chicken and a pork loin that I have in the freezer. I decided I didn't want all of that leftover turkey this year. Believe it or not, we're still eating last year's turkey leftovers (had turkey and dumplings just this night). 

      sometimes a "deal" isn't really a deal

Given that we are really well-stocked on everything (except milk, which is a regular purchase), I didn't think I could come up with $150, $125, or even $50 of other items to buy in order to get a stellar price or a free turkey. Sometimes a "deal" isn't really a deal if you have to spend extra on items you don't need. The only extra food I'm planning on buying for Thanksgiving is whipping cream. We have the mentioned meats, potatoes, stuffing ingredients, vegetables, pumpkin, pecans, and pie pastry ingredients, cranberries, and blackberry juice to serve in place of sparkling cider plus ingredients to make spiced apple cider. We could do without whipping cream, but I like to have it around for the entire Thanksgiving through Christmas holiday season.

Thanksgiving is about more than what we eat. It's about our gratitude to the Provider and the family that we share the meal with. We make it special and festive by setting aside that entire afternoon to joyfully break our bread together. We'll eat in the dining room (we usually eat in the kitchen), and I'll use special plates and goblets for the meal. We'll play a game or two afterwards. Then have pie and coffee.

What makes Thanksgiving special in your household?


  1. I often don't qualify for a deal for the same reasons you mentioned. We will be having Thanksgiving with Ward's family this year. They aren't planners, so the only thing that has been decided is that it will be at my niece's house. I haven't heard yet what the food plan is. Sometimes I take charge and coordinate things, but since it's not at my house, I don't feel like I should. It sounds like you have a lovely plan for your Thanksgiving day.

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      That will be nice to have a big family get together at your niece's. It sounds lively!

  2. Meijer has the best price for turkey in my area, for 59 cents/pound for a 16 -20 pound turkey, no minimum spend. We would have purchased turkey, anyway, as turkey is definitely associated with Thanksgiving in my house, but at that price, we will buy at least 2. It's not the rock bottom price of yesteryear but considering the current prices of meat, it's a darn good deal. I know I've mentioned before that my husband likes to cook turkey periodically throughout the winter and we apportion the leftovers into smaller sizes, freezing them to pull out as additions to casseroles/soups/stews/etc. We are currently out of precooked turkey and I'm missing it!

    It will be the 4 of us together for Thanksgiving at our home. We will visit my in-laws over Christmas break, as that works better with our schedules. For us, family togetherness is the important thing. A nice meal brings anticipation and enjoyment of gathering together, and I find that the thankfulness aspect comes naturally. I will pull out the china, a tablecloth, and candlesticks to make it seem more special.

    1. Hi Kris,
      I agree on using the nice dishes and tablecloth as easy, doable things to make the occasion special.
      Meijer's turkey price is a better deal than I can get here. I don't think you could do better for any meat item these days. I'm not up to dealing with a large turkey this year. In years' past I've bought up to 4 turkeys, 1 for Thanksgiving and the other 3 to use throughout the year. If I can come up with $50 of groceries I need, I may be tempted to buy 1 at 69 cents/lb for the freezer (if I can find space in the freezer).

  3. For Thanksgiving we will gather with my husband's family at my sister in law's. It will be the first without my dear MIL who passed away in Sept, before she turned 96, so bittersweet. Our children and spouses will be coming (I think-plans are still in flux for them, juggling the other sides of the families now). I will bring a ham as my contribution and any other sides my SIL requests or needs. I've got multiple options. There will probably be 20-25 there, I'm thinking. She always sets a nice pretty table and the food that everyone brings is varied and delicious. Someone else brings a turkey. My son would be so disappointed if there were no turkey with the traditional sides! He likes ham, but really likes turkey since he doesn't get it very often. After eating there, we will travel to visit with my 91 yr old mother. She will eat with my sister and her family on Thanksgiving. We will stay and visit there over the weekend.

    I bought a turkey for .29/# with a $40 purchase. I hit that minimum using a raincheck for bath tissue (2) that I hadn't used, eggs at 1.99 which I needed, coffee, dried beans, some canned tomatoes (ours just didn't produce so I don't have any in the freezer or canned) and several other items that I needed or were at a stock up price. Like you Lili, I really have plenty of options for proteins, except for a turkey. It was also Senior day at my Harris Teeter (Kroger affiliate) so got an extra 5% off. I spent $43 without the turkey and wound up with a total of $49. I'm like Kris in that I like to have the precooked turkey for a variety of our family favorites, so was glad to get one at a good price. I think Publix has them for .49 with no minimum purchase, so I'm considering getting another one at that price if I can make room in the freezer. Food Lion's price is .29 with a $35 purchase.

    We're heading to DC this weekend for my daughter's birthday. I needed the eggs to make her a birthday cake and that's the best price I've seen lately :( I've made dinner for one night (all her favorites, from the freezer and pantry) and chicken salad (also needing eggs) for lunches, which her husband dearly loves. I've done quite a bit of cooking today so it can go with us tomorrow. We have had such warm weather and have still not needed to cut the heat on which is the latest ever. It will remain warm here but is supposed to be raining. We need the rain, so I won't complain, but it seems of late, anytime we've traveled, we had rain either coming or going.

    Hope everyone will have a good weekend and remember all of our service members past and present. Lynn

    1. Hi Lynn,
      Both your holiday plans and trip to see your daughter sound lovely. How nice to make all of your daughter's favorites to bring with you! Have a wonderful weekend with your daughter.
      Wow! Stellar deals at Harris Teeter and Food Lion! I'm glad you had enough to buy to get the deal. 29 cents/ lb sounds like something out of the 90s for my area.

  4. Our Kroger affiliate has turkeys for 49 cents a pound with digital coupon and an additional $25 purchase. I won't have trouble meeting that as we also always have ham and I need several items plus some of their specials.
    I host 15 to 24 people. Know 15 for sure. The others will report in soon. This will be my 18th year to host. Mom was getting older at the time and , frankly, didn't enjoy doing it. We were happy to take it over. So, it is our family and my two sibs and whoever else in their families that can come.
    We supply the traditional items and everyone else brings either apps, side or dessert. Lots of luscious food. We divvy up afterwards and everyone goes home with leftovers to enjoy the next day.
    This is the only time in the year we host the large bunch and very much look forward to it. Several items we've grown and I shop the sales and gradually ahead of time.

    1. Hi Linda,
      What fun and festive Thanksgiving dinners you must have!
      Your Kroger deal sounds pretty good. 49 cents/lb is a good price and I think a minimum spend of $25 os very low.

  5. I heard on the radio today that Hy-Vee is giving a free turkey with purchase of a ham. There are only 4 of us total, we decided to go surf and turf this year. Since all of our elders have passed, the big traditional meal is not as fun. We enjoy our time together but try to keep the meal easier, though equally decadent. Thinking small steaks, shrimp cocktail, crab cakes, salad, stuffing, roasted Brussels sprouts, scalloped potatoes, macaroni and cheese and pumpkin pie.

    1. Hi friend,
      Yum, I love your non-traditional Thanksgiving menu! I hope the 4 of you enjoy the day and the special meal.
      That's a pretty good deal at Hy-Vee. I could see that working for a lot of families -- buy the turkey for Thanksgiving, then use the ham for Christmas.

  6. Just catching up after a backpacking trip along the Buffalo River in NW Arkansas.

    The commissary had turkeys for .68 per lb, limit two, so we bought two. We do love the traditional turkey for Thanksgiving, and, with eight of us (nine with grandbaby but she's not on solids yet), like a large one to have leftovers for some other meals. I also like to make one again in the spring, sometimes for Easter, or just because. Overall, not seeing great deals so far. The butter "sales" this year are just what were normal prices a few months ago. But, we are thankful for the ability to purchase food, and even many foods that are wants and not strictly needs.

    What makes Thanksgiving special? Just the being together with good food.

    1. Hi Cat,
      I hope you had a good backpacking trip.
      As far as bone-in meat goes, 68 cents a pound is actually pretty great. I can understand why you'd want to pick up two. You'll have a fun holiday with your big family.


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